September Recap


September has been a great revival of knitting. Or maybe it’s a revival of knitting the same thing over and over.


2nd time on the blanket and 8th, 9th, and 10th on the hat.
I am just noticing the reindeer look like ducks with antlers?

So, the deets are:

767 yards and 4 skeins knit this month, but…….
1589 yards and 9 skeins bought!!!

So that means I have added 822 yards and 5 skeins to my total yardage. Ugh!
The only good thing is part of the knitting this month was using the new yarns I bought.

So, the total for the year is:
10251 yards and 51 skeins are gone
8127 yards and 39 skeins added

So I am only 2,124 yards and 12 skeins to the less for the year.

Cost wise I have spent $420.46 on yarn and patterns which is $154.32 less at this point compared to last year. Hopefully I can last to the end of the year without buying a lot more. But I think there were about 4 skeins being added to the total because of a sale last Thursday. A friend was going to pick up some yarn for me since I couldn’t make it to the shop. We’ll see on Wednesday if she was successful. So I am not counting it for September since I didn’t “get” it until October!

In other news, here is a collage of the bows I have finished recently:

Bows Sept

Only 4 of them are left. The yellow, green, and dark pink ones are sold. My favs are the green in the upper left and the pink in the center right. Planning on making some more this week. More Turkeys, Ghosts, and Pumpkins, and some red stacked bows. They really are fun to make!

Now, goals, what did I accomplish?

  • As little as possible? Finish the current baby item, blanket, and cast on another, Gramps sweater. Blanket done, sweater on the needles as I type.
  • Add stock to my Bazaar inventory. 2 bigger shows coming up and 1 in October. Plus the Rivercity Faithfest is the last Saturday in September. I want to have items for it. For the most part I reached this goal, but still need to make more bags for the last fest.
  • 20 key fobs for a friend’s organization. She is a Social Worker and after the death of both parents, in a tragic motorcycle accident, she has started a center for those in need. Done, but just barely.
  • Set up one of the bedrooms as my craft room. It’s been too long since I had a room dedicated to my crafting. It’s time to get it out of the dining room. LOL The best goal of all. Love my crafting room. 
  • Make 100 key fobs and 100 hair Pony O’s with the help of the cheerleaders for their fundraiser. Yikes! Reached 96 Pony O’s before running out of ribbon. 32 of the 100 key fobs are made, but they don’t all need to be done at once. So pretty good on meeting this goal.

I actually did very well! Now to set some realistic goals for October. With life getting more even keel I should be able to accomplish great things.

  • Finish baby sweater for friend’s grandson.
  • Make 2 Llama hats and 2 Reindeer hats.
  • Finish Sewanee Shawl for myself.
  • Start on a shawl for my mom. Notice I don’t say finish!
  • Knock out a cowl for a friend’s birthday present.

OK, I have droned on long enough. If you lasted to the end, you are a rock star! I would have given up long before now.

Sorry it has taken me so long


I’ve been a bit busy, but that’s no excuse for not drawing names and determining prizes for those who donated to our church’s concert. The concert was Saturday, and while I didn’t get to attend, I did help set up and got to hear some tuning and practice. Such a wonderful event it was by all accounts.

So, without further ado, here are the results:

1st Prize, a pair of hand knit Fiddlehead Mitts……Autumn Geisha!! 
2nd Prize, a skein of Malabrigo sock yarn…….Kristen M!!
3rd Prize, a pattern of their choosing, up to $7.00 in price……FoFo!!

And just because she was so kind to send so much, a 4th prize will be given to Beth, a handmade bag of her choosing from these options.

Now, to tell on myself, I forgot to save the addresses!!! I am a ditz lately, so shoot me an email at chrisknits at twc dot com with your addresses and I will get these prizes out to you all. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wasn’t able to be there to see how much money was raised, but every bit helps. The concert is free to the public. All expenses are paid by raising funds through donations, selling food, and booth rental. Approved vendors are able to set up to sell their wares during the event, or to promote their organizations. It’s a great event and has grown each year. The first year there was only one act with 2 local bands performing. This year we had 4 big/up and coming Christian acts. A wonderful effort by some dedicated church members makes it all happen.

Now to find a chance to relax and recharge my batteries. I have been running since Friday afternoon it seems. Sunday my brain was so fried I couldn’t even add or subtract! And that’s bad when you are working with money at a fundraiser!

Again, thanks to all who participated, and congrats to the winners!

Bows, and more bows!


When I get on a kick, I stick with it.

Hats today, bows tomorrow, who knows what will be after that.


I call this one Neapolitan, can you guess why?

pale pink Pink Hot Bow

green small cheetah

Even though I seem to be doing a lot of bows, 96* Pony O’s for the cheer leader’s team cheer clinic on Sunday, I am still getting a lot of knitting done. Current work is on a baby sweater for the knitting friend’s new grand-baby. He’s a cutey! And his momma loves handknits, so she is getting a sweater for that babe. Nothing like an appreciative mom.

OK, time to get ready for whatever is coming my way today. Free Christian concert at our church, bazaar booth with my friend, and whatever else life throws my way. Hope your day is filled with things you love.

* half done by me and the other half with help from an awesome cheer mom!