Slipping in a few more knits before the end of the month


Hat craze continues with one  more hat done, another Chuku, but with a variation just to mix it up, and to not run out of brown too quickly.

Kaj Folded

This one is for a little one who was severely burned in a car while belted into his car seat. Such a brave little guy he has become trying to overcome his injuries. His aunt requested this hat for him. I so hope it fits.

And then to break up the hat making, I veered off into dog sweaters! One done, for a Texas friend, and then one to go, for my Nephew Dog.

Chloe's sweater Belly side

This one will go nicely with Chloe’s owner’s obsession with IU, her alma mater. Being a True Blue UK fan it just about makes me sick!!! LOL. I questioned that Chloe, a Schnauzer, would need a sweater now that she lives in Texas, but her mom assured me it does get cool in Texas, and she also comes to visit her grandmother here at home too. I just worry that the distance between the armholes is too small, but I knit to the pattern, so we shall see.

Now, to determine what colors to use for the Nephew Dog Duncan’s sweater. I am thinking shades of brown or gray, and this time using worsted weight. DK is too small for dog sweaters! Plus, he lives in Indy, so he will need a warm sweater. In fact, I think I have some mushroom and brown Lion Brand Woolease colors, will have to look into the yardage left.

Now to determine what goes on the needles next. I have three commissions to deal with, 2 before Christmas. And of course I need to replenish the yarn I use for them. So they are on the back burner. The 3rd I could start since I have the yarn and know which shawl pattern I want to use. But, the yarn isn’t wound. Then I also have a shawl to make for my mom, yarn is waiting, but haven’t decided completely on the pattern. And finally, a hood and a hat for a friend’s kids.

Or I could just cast on a shawl for me, pattern and yarn ready, but desire is not there. Or, I could go back to the sweater that has languished all year. And then there’s the cabled wrap that has been languishing just as long. Or, I could just surf the web in search of things I don’t need? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Inspiration Saturday



Joining in with Woolen Diversions today.

I have been inspired by hats, Duh! Guess you couldn’t tell. And the hats that are inspiring me are stranded styles, or ones with color. So, without further ado, here’s my list of must dos(Ravelry links):

  1. Chuku has featured big in this. 4 made so far, and another one, this time in black and grays, will be cast on as soon as I order/buy yarn.
  2. Shwook is coming up, even charted the colors I plan to use. Bright Daletta colors I have had for a very long time. Too long! Or, maybe the Valley Yarn I have leftover from Cranberry Rose?
  3. Ava Beret is just too cute! Would be adorable for some little girls I know.
  4. Skoufaki is just adorable in the sherbet brights version. Just not sure I have enough leftovers in brights to make one.
  5. Thorpe has long been on my list.
  6. Candy Cane has been done before and would use up some leftovers.
  7. And Foxy is adorable!!
  8. But then Swirly is so elegant.
  9. But then I want to do another Pick and Mix Hat(bottom photo), not one or even two are enough!
  10. And to round out my list, another Rudolph. This one has actually been requested by my Sister-IL for her Son-IL. He noticed his son’s version and mentioned he needed one too. We aren’t sure if he was teasing or truthful, so we are going ahead with plans to make sure he has one for Christmas. LOL!

So, what’s inspiring you today?

Chuku Hats


It’s been a hat making process here for the last week. You make a hat and then everyone wants one just like it. Or maybe it’s because I keep offering to make them. LOL. So the pattern is Chuku from Mirasol. I must say, I do not understand why people knit hats, especially with stranding, FLAT!!!! Come on people, in this day and age? And then to go from stranding a pattern to Mosaic? Just do it all stranded in the round and save people the effort. But other than that I like the design. ;-)


 Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Sport


Ella Rae Superwash Worsted


Ella Rae Superwash Worsted

Obviously I seem to obsess. Plus, I have another already on the needles. Just trying to use up all the yarn. The first was a kid size, then a teen, and then an adult. Only the last one I think is too large for the teacher I made it for, so I told her to give it to her guy and I would make another if it didn’t fit. She said no way was she giving it to her guy!!! LOL.

Thursday night was spent with family honoring the birthday of Hubster’s brother who was lost to a car accident at the age of 14. We grabbed pizza and gathered with his siblings, their families, and  their mom. My SIL had a special request. I made a reindeer hat for her grandson, the GNH, and recently he had it on and his Dad said he needed one of those. So I am making him one for Christmas for SIL to give him. Only I will leave off the bobble noses, unless he requests them at Christmas. LOL