Some knitting is happening…


…among the daily travails. Not only is Diva Girl dealing with the medical issue I spoke about last week*, she also took a spill down the stairs. Rushing in socks on wood stairs with laundry basket in hand. Feet went out from under her and down she went on her left elbow. Two hours later we were sure it was broken. But a trip to the Ortho ER showed no break. Thank you God! (My original post made it read like my Mom fell down the stairs, it was DG who fell down the stairs.)

Then by the end of that day Hubster was in the throes of a nasty head cold. Three days later he was finally recovering, but Diva Girl and I came down with it. So we are currently in our 2nd day of the nasty stuff and just wishing for relief from the coughing!

Before all that I was going strong on the knitting, but this weekend the fun of hanging with friends, and the trials, put paid to that. I finally finished 10 rows of knitting on the last sleeve of a baby sweater in time to gift it to the grand-mother, my knitting bud, today at knitting. We were able to find some buttons we liked and I sewed them on before we left. But I did admonish her to wash the sweater and let it block before gifting it. She is going to take the leftover yarn from the sweater and Eli’s Blanket to make a matching hat for her grand-baby, Kellan. Such a cute name!

Kellan 1  Kellan 2

In case the photos aren’t loading, Kellan front and Kellan back.

I used Berroco Vintage Worsted for the sweater. Such a nice yarn and easy care. Perfect for baby things. I have 4 skeins in 3 colors to play with for another boy item. Olive, Dark Teal, and Plum Purple. And just maybe the perfect pattern for the 3 colors?

So I am hoping tomorrow will give me focus and I can restart the shawl I was attempting to knit before all this baby knitting took hold. In picking it up today after the sweater finish I looked the pattern again and saw that was doing a 2 row repeat instead of a 4 row repeat!!! Hmm, seems I do a lot of that lately. Back to the drawing board on that. Not sure if I will restart the one I was doing or change it up. We’ll see. May have to just cast on something else. Maybe Miss Dashwood with the Tosh I bought to make it with? Just maybe, have to wind it, so we’ll see.

*My Mom told me the other day she had severe endometriosis they found when they did surgery on her.

Off the Cuff


Our Dog Sitter made a request for boot cuffs recently so I got on it. Had three styles to show her and let her choose which one she preferred. She opted for Entangled Boot Cuffs. And I got quickly to work with some Ecru Ella Rae Superwash I got at a great price!! Just wish it only took one skein and not another 40 yards from the 2nd skein. I might pare it down to less ribbing and see if that helps reduce the yardage needed.


 Folded over version

Cuffs 2

 Stand up version

Close cuff

 Laid flat version, LOL

Now, to confess, what the last photo is not showing is the mis-crossed cable on the back side. That middle cable at the beginning of the row was mis-crossed at the bottom. I had already finished the cuff when I realized it. Because of the twisting and turning, I feared I would have to rip out way too many stitches to rip it back down to the mistake. After showing it on FB my friend, the dog sitter’s mom, said DS would never even notice or care. Sure hope so. And for the most part, the mistake will always be tucked in the boot if she puts them on the same way every time.

Now, back to the baby sweater for my friend’s grandbaby. Handed off the baby blanket on Wednesday to the new great nephew. He’s a tiny thing so far, but cute as can be! I can feel the knitting mojo is back and raring to go. Hopefully I can crank out all these goals for October, and maybe do more than I plan.

Thank you for the comments on my last post. After discussions with my MIL, who worked for a GYN/OB Dr all her life, and a friend’s daughter who suffers from cysts and endo, we are leaning towards the possibility it is endo. So we are looking at life style changes she can make to reduce the effects and symptoms. Hopefully in December when she sees her GYN we can continue the conversation.

So worried for our Girl


You have the highs, like Sunday, and then the lows, like today. Actually the low started last Dec and has just been continuing. Diva Girl was diagnosed with Ovarian Cysts last Dec. She has had 2 episodes of bring her to her knees pain. Medicine has controlled the issue sine January, but recent mis-dosing on DG’s part precipitated another bout of pain. It started last Tuesday and came and went through Friday night. Then we figured it was over. Until this morning. Finally I was able to get the Dr’s to see her. We went for an Ultrasound and it showed no cysts. OK? So what is causing the pain? My first reaction is Appendicitis, having suffered that fate in grade school. But it hasn’t progressed to a severe issue, nor has she shown any other symptoms.

Pressing the on call Dr for answers, her regular Dr is on maternity leave, she uttered the dreaded E word. Endometriosis. But she said it so flippantly and followed it up with, but it would just be controlled with medicine, so no biggie was her attitude. Well, excuse me, but it IS a biggie. Now we are in a waiting mode to follow up with her regular Dr in Dec, which will mean a few more months on the medicine. Hopefully she will be pain free, but we still prefer to know if there is the presence of Endometriosis in her body or not.

So, I am asking for prayer first of all. We can’t have her missing school because she can’t even stand. Nor do we like seeing her in pain. And second, if you have any insights into the symptoms and cycles of Endometriosis, we would appreciate hearing your stories. We have no family history of it, so we have no experience with it. We are at a lose to understand it. We just hope that this isn’t a possibility, but have no idea what it could be.

Her pain symptoms are:

  • Pain starting and radiating out from her right abdomen
  • Pain in her back, right side
  • Nausea from the pain
  • Pain so severe she is doubled over
  • Low grade discomfort in between the acute attacks

Sound familiar? Would appreciate any insight you have. Thanks.