For Leah Bedeah!

Here are the pages and sites I have used to learn to make bows.

HipGirl Boutique, order often from them, great service. They have free tutorials here. These are two devices I have ordered and use: Bow Clip , I actually have 4, so I will send you one, and bow maker, The bow maker is actually a decor item for the home, but it works the same as the pricier bow makers. I use the bow clip to hold things in place while I am wrapping the bows on the maker. But they can also be used without the maker.

The Ribbon Retreat has awesome videos and tutorials. Haven’t ordered from them yet, but I am sure they will give great service too. They also do a blog with more ideas.

If you have a JoAnns close by, check out their mobile app for great coupons. I try to get the ribbons 30%-50% off with coupons. Hobby Lobby also has a great ribbon selection. Haven’t checked Michaels’ stock.

 All you really have to do is just follow the videos or tutorials and they really do work!

For the gathered flowers I use wired ribbon. I secure the wire at one end of the ribbon so it won’t pull out while gathering. I remove the wire from the other edge. They gently pull the wire out of the ribbon and gather up the fabric. After it is gathered I start to roll it and tack it with needle and thread on the back side. This site has a great tutorial for them. I also use the same idea with wider ribbons and fold them in half. When doing these you do not remove the wire from the other ribbon edge.

This site has some great ribbon ideas for flowers.

Here’s a cute folded style I have yet to try.

Hope this helps get you started.

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Oh, My Stars!!!

Is it really September 1st!!!!????? Gah, life is a whirlwind around here. Comings and goings and everything in between. So where to start?

Stash record as of Aug 31st:
72,325 yards 410 skeins

Monthly recap
961 yards 5 skeins knit
217 yards and 1 skein bought

I am doing so well this summer. Only 2 skeins in 3 months added to stash. One was just too good to pass up, only $3.00 for 217 yards of Berroco Vintage! The other was obtained in trade, so no money changed hands.

9609 yards 47 skeins lighter

Finishes for the month are a mixed bag.

It looks like a lot of head things, and I guess it is. LOL! Bags are still being made, just fewer and further between. It’s all bows all the time right now. And I love it! The Ribbon Retreat and HipGirl Boutique get lots of attention these days.

Now, to look at those pesky goals I keep setting.

August Goals

  • Finish Sewanee: Nope, but I have worked on it here and there.
  • Cast on a shawl for my mom from a friend’s pattern: Um, still haven’t bought the pattern.
  • Work on that Cable Shawl! Yeah, no, no, not, never, nothing.
  • Start a baby vest or blanket for a baby shower for August 9th. Done, but it ended up a baby sweater.

September Goals

  • As little as possible? Finish the current baby item, blanket, and cast on another, Gramps sweater.
  • Add stock to my Bazaar inventory. 2 bigger shows coming up and 1 in October. Plus the Rivercity Faithfest is the last Saturday in September. I want to have items for it.
  • 20 key fobs for a friend’s organization. She is a Social Worker and after the death of both parents, in a tragic motorcycle accident, she has started a center for those in need.
  • Set up one of the bedrooms as my craft room. It’s been too long since I had a room dedicated to my crafting. It’s time to get it out of the dining room. LOL
  • Make 100 key fobs and 100 hair Pony O’s with the help of the cheerleaders for their fundraiser. Yikes!

And that’s it.

Hope you enjoyed this recap, but it’s mostly for my own records. And it helps to show my month wasn’t a total loss. I can say I did something.


August 23rd? Well almost the 24th now.

It’s August 23rd already? Can we just stop time a bit please!!! I am falling so far behind I don’t know that I can ever make it up. But wait, am I really?

Let’s talk artificial deadlines. Those pesky timelines we draw on our life line. Arbitrary and nonsense when we finally stop and think about what they are. Self imposed most of the time, and not something we need to be stressed about.

For me the deadlines are set by the arrival of babies. All these babies being born right now!!! 2 in the family so far this year, one more on the way, and then a friend’s grandbaby due any day now. All of them deserve hand knit gifts. And so far 3 of the 4 have received them. But the great-nephew’s blanket needs to be done by October. And the baby due any day now needs a sweater and a hat. Forget that the current temps are in the 90’s and the humidity takes it into heat advisory levels.

See what I mean, arbitrary deadlines. The great-nephew has a sweater already, one that can’t be used anytime soon since he isn’t due until October! Even the baby due any day now has no need of the sweater planned for him. But I hate to not have the items ready BEFORE the sweet babes arrive.

STOP! BREATHE! RELAX! It will all get done. The blanket is already almost a 1/3rd done and the sweater and hat will take no time.


OK, the other deadlines I am struggling with. Bazaar items to sell each week. Gah! I have had a hard time finding crafting time lately*. Soccer games, school starting, College Girl going back to college. There has been something almost every day for the last 2 weeks! But I need to craft! I keep feeling the need to produce more or new items to get merchandise out of my holding. Gotta keep the inventory looking new and fresh. But the things I have had from the start that aren’t selling are weighing me down. If I still have too many of them at the end of August I might just have a fire sell at the Bazaar the last 2 weeks. LOL!

And then, headbands and bow making has taken hold. I don’t need another craft! But I do love creating things and these are quick to whip out when I have a chance.

Bow Red

Bows 2 Bows1


The last one is a new to me technique that I am trying to master. This is using 3/8″ double satin ribbon. I will go up to 5/8″ or 7/8″ for the next one and make it fuller. I could have cut these shorter lengths and gotten more to make it fuller, but first time for the attempt wasn’t too bad. A button with the shank removed makes a great finishing detail. Now to determine if I want it on the red headband.

OK, I am done reliving my stress. Add to this a run up to college to drop off College Girl, then a run 2 hours south to wait a football game that didn’t happen, and then finally 3 hours later, and after major storms, we drove home only to hit more storms. By the time we arrived home, at midnight, I was done for! But got up at 6:30 am to prepare for the Bazaar. I must be crazy!!!

*Hopefully that will change as I want to redo the room College Girl just vacated. I am thinking sewing, crafting, knitting storage room!!