Mid August Recap

Mid August? Again, seems impossible how quickly the months fly by. Diva Girl has been back to school for a week and in a week we take College Girl back to college. I would wish the days to slow down, but I know they won’t. OK, on to confession.

Stash Confession as of August 15th:
72,561 yards and 411 skeins

Monthly total

Yardage Knit: 508 yards and 3 skeins
Yardage Bought: 0 yards and 0 skeins!!!! But I have been tempted. Or more so, requests for doggie sweaters have been made and I need 3 skeins of yarn to cover the colors needed. Good thing WEBs has a great price on what I want.

Still sewing a bunch, so the yardage total thrills me. I guess I am finding a balance between the two.

Year to Date

Yardage Knit: 8226 yards and 38 skeins
Yardage Donated/Sold: 930 yards and 8 skeins
Yardage Bought: 5858 yards and 28 skeins
Yardage Acquired: 463 yards and 1 skein

Finishes/Progress so far?

  1. Baby sweater done, see #4 on next list.
  2. Baby Blanket started.
  3. More bags.
  4. More burp cloths.
  5. Dryer balls
Connor's Gramps

Connor’s Gramps knit in 2013

Eli's sweater

Eli’s Coming….in October!

2nd time I have knit this pattern.

Dryer balls bowl

Dryer Balls

Cooper's Dryer balls

Or, as the dogs prefer something soft…

and chewy to chase or slobber on.

…and chewy to chase or slobber on.

Dryer Balls

I used leftover wools for the balls, and a nylon trouser sock (left single by the washer or dryer) and some Berroco Vintage leftovers, to contain them in the wash.

 August Goals so far:

  1. Finish Sewanee, um, can you say, didn’t even touch it?
  2. Cast on a shawl for my mom from a friend’s pattern. Um, haven’t even bought the pattern yet.
  3. Work on that Cable Shawl! Yeah, no.
  4. Start a baby vest or blanket for a baby shower for August 9th. Well, done, but it was a baby sweater instead.

At this point I am not sweating the goals. If I achieve them great, if not, no biggie. As long as I am creating something, I’m good. Now, if you are in town tomorrow, head to Franklin Street for the Bazaar, you’re running out of opportunities! Only 7 more weeks left.

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I’ve been tagged

by one of my favorite reads! How sweet of her. I loved looking into her creative side, and now I have to figure out the answers to these questions.

1.  What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk/making table this week?

If you follow my blog at all you will know the answer to this question! Bags, Burp Cloths, and all kinds of fabric things. Here is my creating space at the moment, my dining room table. One corner for cutting, one for sewing, and the others for collecting stuff. The center has containers to hold the tools of my trade.


To the left is more flannel plus my paper pattern for cutting out burp cloths. The pink and blue basket hold projects in progress so I can keep track of ribbons, webbing, buttons, toggles, etc. This mess will eventually be packed away when the Bazaar sessions are over, but for the next 8 weeks, it’s staying put. I don’t have a designated room for my creating, despite having 4 bedrooms plus a bonus room for 2 parents and 2 children. And 1 “children” is gone 9 months of the year. That may change once College Girl returns to school.

The other creating surface in the dining room is the ironing board. There’s a lot of pressing going on here. The rolled up rug on the floor will be moving back to the dorm with College Girl in a few weeks. Gah, I can’t believe I am saying that. 4 days left of summer for Diva Girl, and less than 2 weeks for College Girl.


2.  Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

Inspiration right now comes from You Tube tutorials for bag making, key fobs, and burp cloths. Inspiration for knitting comes from blogs who are showcasing their baby knits making. Since we have just welcomed 2 little great-nieces this year, and are awaiting the next great-nephew in October, I am busy with baby knitting. My Netvibes list is yielding some great ideas for knitting items.

3.  How important is being creative to you and how do you blend this with your work-life-family balance?

Being creative is my all! It is what makes me alive. This has really been brought home to me with the recent return to sewing. I have done every, I mean, EVERY kind of fiber related craft there is. Quilting, crochet, sewing, needlepoint, crewel, cross-stitch, rug hooking, latch hook, and some I have likely forgotten. But I never mastered knitting. Until November 28th, 2000. Once I achieved that, I pretty much dropped everything else. I have loved being a knitter, and will always be a knitter. But as the years have gone by, my kids have grown up and no longer need me as much anymore. I found myself in a rut this past year.

The question of “what am I accomplishing” has dogged me for quite a long time. I have felt worthless, or less than able to contribute to life and the family. Not in a depressed way, more in a “life is boring” way. And then, the sewing spark was re-ignited in late June. And I found a worthy cause to sew for. And then a way to “fund” my creating. The passion has returned and I feel fulfilled. Even though I have been knitting and felt accomplished with my knitting, I still lost the feeling of my knitting being worthy of the time I spend doing it. I know I am not making sense. But this creativity spark has renewed my spirit and given me new life.

Recently, as I was knitting while laying out on the pool deck on vacation, Hubster turned to me and said, “You really can’t sit still without something in your hands”. YES! That is exactly it. I have Craftitis. Unfortunately, I tend to become consumed with a craft and pursue it until all else is ignored. I do need to try and find a better balance between my craft and my family life.

Thanks for the prompts Autumngeisha. Now to pick two victims to continue the stream of consciousness. Medha and Flo are on the hook.


Back in the saddle again

Got a text early Thursday morning that Diva Girl’s Boyfriend’s (DGB from here on out) little sister was playing a golf match for their high school at our home course. It’s an annual tourney put on by one of the county schools close to our city. They invite other area schools to take part. College Girl played in many of those on a hot August day. So I saddled up the golf cart and headed out to follow her. Haven’t done that for almost 2 years.  It was fun, and much milder temps than past years. DGB’s dad was able to make it out for about 6 holes, he’s recovering from knee surgery, so I got to chauffeur him.

But, all the golf watching this week has put my knitting time in jeopardy! I need to get that baby sweater done. Good thing I am done with the ribbing on the bottom of the body. Now on to the sleeves and eventually the collar. Saw the mom and dad of GNW-to-be last night during a gathering of family. The other greats are in town so we got to meet the new great-niece and see her big brother again. He was mowing the yard. Too cute! He was too busy to stop and see his new monkey bag I made him.

And also back in the bag making saddle, having finished 6 the other night. 2 were special orders and the other 4 were from the fabric I got in Daytona. And new toggles came in just in time to use on the latest bags. The Rain Shed has a great range of colors in mini-toggles. I used their purple, red, and teal colors in the short ellipse style for these bags.

 IMG_4084 IMG_4094

IMG_4089 IMG_4087

IMG_4086 IMG_4085

And a few more burp cloths

IMG_4079 IMG_4081

Now hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have clear skies on Saturday to get back to the Bazaar to sell stuff. I have missed 2 weekends already and don’t want to miss many more since there are only 7 weekends left after this one.

OK, time to get back to the knitting and try to get some baby girl burp cloths done before Saturday. And then try to figure out how to be two places at once. The Bazaar and a Baby Shower. Is it too late to clone myself?

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