The Last sHURawl?

on April 18, 2014

OK, really reaching for a title there. And no, it isn’t really the last shawl I will ever knit, it’s just the latest one.

Some of you may remember my search for a pattern to make a shawl with one or both of the skeins of Fleece Artist Basic Merino Sock I had on hand from ages ago. We are talking maybe 10 years ago. They only held 350 yds, so it had to be smallish. Or I thought I could use the two to alternate to make a shawl. My attempts at that plan failed. So I moved on with the intent to just use them separately. Here is the result of the first attempt using the darker skein.

Sunset Shawl, aka Demiluna

Sunset Shawl 3 Sunset Shawl 1

Remember, the dumb model is a lot less broad shouldered than I, so this doesn’t hit at my waist when worn. But there is still quite a bit of depth. It’s about 50″x17″. Not as wide as I would have liked, but I’ll take what I got considering the small yardage I was working with.

Sunset Shawl 2

The YOs every 6th row create a very light and airy shawl that will be perfect for so-so weather. Not heavy enough to be too much, not too light that it doesn’t create some coziness. Just right. I guess it’s the Goldilocks of shawls? I was afraid my excessive blocking would have ruined the stitch detail on the border. I did a K/P ribbing instead of a garter rib, knit one row, rib the 2nd row. Just followed the increases as stated but used ribbing for both rows. I think it defines the edge better.

So, now to carry on with the next two shawls. Quilla for my niece using Cascade Heritage Sock and Fire Breathing Dragon for me in the other Fleece Artist skein.

4Quilla4 Dragonfly wings

Photo Credits: Susanna IC and Countess Ablaze

OK, hopefully you will find more than shawls out there in the rest of blog land. Here are some locations to check out the goods.
Wisdom Begins in Wonder
Natural Suburbia

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13 responses to “The Last sHURawl?

  1. Janet says:

    Beautiful! Your edging looks lovely. I never tire of seeing beautiful, lacy shawls.

  2. Just beautiful. Am always in awe of people who create shawls, I tried once but the fine yarn just drove me round the bend and I abandoned it.

  3. It’s lovely, I really like the ribbing at the bottom. Looking forward to seeing your other shawls :)

  4. Nice job on the shawl… it looks very flow-y. I really like the second pattern.

  5. Flo Frazier says:

    All of them turned out beautifully! I nee to make the top one for myself!

  6. I love how the shawl turned out. It is hard using just the one skein. I’ve been making shawlettes with mine. Those last two patterns are stunning! I love the edging…and the dragon theme.

  7. Karen says:

    Your shawl is lovely!

  8. Vivianne says:

    Lovely :) Perhaps also consider Boo Knits designs next time you have a small skein – she has some lovely patterns for little yardage :)

  9. Beautiful shawls, my favourite is the demiluna one in these warm sunset colors!

  10. autumngeisha says:

    Sunset turned out wonderfully! Amazing colors and a good wearable size. You are starting to get me hook on circular shawls, now. Not that I need to cast on for any more projects. But still…..

  11. […] maybe Merino, maybe I don’t know. Long since lost the ball bands. I used one skein to make my Sunset Shawl. So I figured I might as well just make something with the other ball. They were close in tones, […]

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