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Off to the Fair

I go to judge the knitting entries!! It’s so much fun. Except I have to recuse myself on my own knit items. Poo! Oh well, it’s all good. I am planning on showing these items from the last year and a half, it’s been 3 years since I entered anything. We have been away on vacation during the last two fairs. But now I am back to judging and showing.

My Anatolian Rose Garden, Crocus Pocus, yes the ends are woven in, Dale Baby Sweater, stranded hat. And that’s all I can enter. The knitting area has not been well entered in the past so they haven’t really had enough items to add. I got them to add Shawls to the mix. Maybe after seeing what is entered this year we can expand the class. I am not sure why, but they have felted items judged in the garment area, but no felting for the knit class. They do have an unlisted class and we usually get a hodgepodge in that category. My hat will go in that one. Wish I could have had the nephew’s knit blanket done in time, but I failed at knitting this week. I could say it’s the heat, but I have been in cool AC since we got home quite a bit.

We went to a friend’s birthday surprise party last night way out in the country. It was surprisingly not stiflingly hot. There was a nice breeze and we sat in the shade. By the time the sun set it was not bad at all. Just no moving around, that would have caused a melt down!

Off to get ready to go enter my items. Then find a cool place to knit while I wait to judge. Hope your Sunday is full of fun and friends.



A knitter, mom, wife and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first.

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