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Big score! and WIPW #12

I fell off the wagon in my not buying yarn plan that I never told anyone about. Well, it wasn’t a real plan, just a plan to use up stash when I could. And I tried. I recently came across a cute pattern for a sweater coat. And was so happy to remember I had a chunky yarn that would work. Only, it was not Acrylic enough, or man made enough, whatever. I have three skeins of Lion Brand Landscapes in a pretty southwest pastel colorway. Only, the Mom of the sweater recipient wants pink for the darling girl. And when I looked at the non pink Landscapes I realized, it says handwash only? It’s a blend of wool and Acrylic. Really?

I assume it’s because it’s a very underspun ply. Since that yarn would not do I have been on the lookout for the right color and gauge. Wanting it to be inexpensive has also been a desire. So when I walked into JoAnn’s and saw this Lionbrand Jiffy I thought, we might have a winner. Now to see if the fabric it makes agrees with me. I hate hairy yarns that proclaim they are a “chunky” when the core of the yarn is barely more than an Aran. I know the mohair fills in the space, but it doesn’t necessarily make the fabric stiff enough most of the time. This is a sweater coat, not an indoor sweater. So it does need some oomph! All I can do is swatch and see. I also picked up the cute buttons while there. More pinky goodness!

And then happened upon some more buttony goodness! I found JHB buttons at .97 a card! I picked up some green ones to use on a cardigan I will make with the leftover Olive 501 yarn. They really are a great match. I am thinking a simple cardigan for this yarn, or maybe a small pattern somewhere. Just not going all out on it. I want something to throw on when needed.

And I bought some darling red buttons to use on a kid’s knit item in the future. And then because I couldn’t resist, some interesting big buttons to use on wraps or capes that I foresee in my  future. That blue one is just calling for a Noro yarn with similar shades.

Lest you think I am slacking off, I have been knitting a bit. I was busy with judging at the Fair Sunday, but not the entire time, in the lag time I pulled out Oaklet Shawl to advance some more on it. I will be creating a spread sheet to determine how much I can add to the depth before I need to do the border. It has been a very enjoyable knit, although I did not actually follow the directions to a tee. Seems I am not doing the beginnings and ends of the rows right. Oh well, not a big deal. As long as I have 3 garter stitches on the border and a YO next to them I am good. I almost wish I had started this on a larger needle. Almost.

Hope over to Tami’s Amis for more WIP Wednesday posts.



6 thoughts on “Big score! and WIPW #12

  1. That coat pattern is just gorgeous! I bet it’ll look o cute in the colourway you chose (fingers crossed that it makes the right type of fabric!) Excellent button purchases too 🙂

  2. I fell off the wagon and smacked the road hard this week! My LYS’s sale is on and so far this week I have purchased 80 balls of yarn. So seriously don’t feel bad!

    Your buttons are so cute. Never thought of stashing buttons, might have to look into that and change it. I normally only buy buttons as I need them.

  3. Oh boy, this post is not helping with my button diet! What cute buys. I especially love those red ones. Great choice on the pink yarn. Jiffy is a nice one to work with and really does knit up fast. I hope it works for the sweater coat.

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