Will likely get me in trouble. I am working on the Oaklet Shawl, a nice easy St st shawl with a lace border. Since I have more yardage than called for, I am doing that figuring thing. Working with numbers and equations! Actually I do not fear equations when both numbers are present, it’s just the ones where letters are inserted. Really? x + y never equals z for me. I just can’t get them to work! Anyhoo. The pattern calls for 382 yds and I have 440. So obviously, I can make mine bigger. But, how much bigger? Using excel, I calculated how many sts I was able to knit up over the rows I have done. Based on the 35 gms of yarn I have already knit up, I get
10, 080 sts. So I extrapolated that out to determine that I can knit to a stitch count of 285 before I need to start the border. The pattern stops at 233 sts.

Should work. I actually figure I will have over 1000 sts available with the leftover yarn, which means I could add four more rows of St st knitting, but, I plan to go up to a US6 for the lace border. The 5 I am using for the St st is making a fairly dense fabric. I should have started with a US6, but not ripping now! So hopefully the US6 will make for a lacier border than the US5. Which means I will use up yarn a little quicker with the needle change. Hedging my bets I won’t run out of yarn. If I do, I will just fall back on my usual, “grab a contrast or complimentary yarn and bind off” plan! It hasn’t failed me yet after 4 knits using the fall back plan.

And now for a little rant. I live in a nice, small, city, in the Midwest. We are within driving distance, 2-3 hours, of 5 larger cities. We can visit MO, IN, KY, OH, and TN with little effort. Our ability to attend cultural or sporting events is limitless. We have local arts, culture, and sports. We have amusements of many kinds available within an hours drive or in town. Our heritage is German, so very frugal and fairly conservative in a lot of aspects. Our city has been deemed a small city with a small town feel. I have had people from other areas marvel at how hospitable our citizens are here. How we go out of our way to help and make others feel welcome. Oh, we have our idiots and jerks, but good neighborly behavior is not missing from our manner.

My rant? I have had it with those who have settled in our area, from other parts of the country, who just can’t seem to appreciate what we offer. I am not talking about someone who misses the comforts of their home town/city. I am talking about those who demean or denigrate what and who we are because we don’t live up to their political point of view or social outlook. And sometimes, it’s not even transplants who act like this. It can be local people who are so elevated in their thinking (at least in their own minds).

We are surrounded by farm land, we have very traditional farm folk, we have a county fair, we have a rural feel in parts of town. We also have a developing urban area, loft apartments, a new arena, urbane folk, and unique restaurants down town. We have familiar chains and alternative retail establishments. A mix of all kinds of things.

To those who find dissatisfaction with our city or people I want to say, get over yourselves. Why must we change our attitudes and ways because you feel we are so beneath your contempt. Who deemed you worthy of standing in judgment on what we have to offer. Why can you not just appreciate the unique amenities our city offers, and stop deriding us for your lack of insight into who and what we are.

I recently read a post from a blogger who was sooo happy to be leaving our state, because her time in it had not been good. Some of the issues she dealt with while living in the state had nothing to do with the state, they were health, family, etc. And just now, before departure, she was taking time to visit places of interest around the state. So, instead of spending her time here getting to know the state and it’s history, she decided to be petulant about living in the state, and then once she planned to move away she took time to get to know us? Save me from this now generation who can’t appreciate what they have, and help me ensure my daughters don’t grow up to be one of them.

I guess it’s just a “now” generation thing. Or is it an elitist thing. I can see the same behavior in older adults too. You almost want to ask them why they live here if it’s so abysmal? No one is making them stay. If some other city has it all over us, move there. But I guess it’s easier to stay here and complain, than be the difference in their own lives. Where was their support for businesses that have tried to cater to their superior sensibilities, but end up closing due to lack of patronage. If you aren’t going to be there for those businesses, don’t turn up your nose at the “cowboy” bar that opened up and is packed every night.

I have lived in a major city, Indy, and much prefer my small city to that, any day! I believe I have the best of it. I can drive to Indy, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, or St Louis to enjoy all they have to offer. And then come home to my Small Town City and enjoy all it offers.

Okay,  I am done. I know it makes no difference, these people are who they are and will not change, but I just had to vent. I will choose to reflect on those who have moved to the area and are enchanted by the people and city, and dismiss those who don’t seem to know how to behave well to their new neighbors and friends. There are many ways to be in love with the city your came from without slamming the one you moved to.


7 thoughts on “Figuring

  1. 382/440 = 233/z which is 440×233 = 382z which becomes 102,520/382 = 268. Simple proportional math, usually works for me. Where x is the times symbol and z is the unknown.

  2. You go girl with that figuring, I’d be hopeless and give up!

    I know exactly what you mean!!!! People like that drive me crazy too. I live in a small town-only two stop lights-in Tennessee and I LOVE IT!!! I would live farther out in the country if I had a choice. I grew up on a farm and farming people are different and so are farming towns but different doesn’t mean stupid, dum or uneducated or backwards it just means different. I would not live in a big city for anything. People in small places care about their neighbors and the community that they live in, in the city it’s dog eat dog and the heck with anyone but me. I lived in a big city for a while and I was so happy to get back to small town life. Good for you for speaking out!

    1. Thanks Dakota for demystifying match a little. Still can’t say that I get it!

      Fofo, thanks for backing me up. I know every where on God’s green earth is special. I just wish people would appreciate the aspects of where they live and not disparage it. I wish people could just appreciate what they have and stop wishing their lives away for more stuff.

  3. I love your city! In fact, it is the big city that I go to for the things I need. Living in my part of Western Kentucky (our town only has 20,000 people) we are often left out of everything. Heck even planes don’t fly over us, but that’s ok, we have peace and quiet…and we are kind of at the cross roads of other places. It’s only a short drive to Nashville or other big places for us…so we have the best of both worlds. I use to live in a big city in Florida, and trust me, there are tons of people who moved to Florida who had the “where I came from was so much better” thing going on…and of course I always let them know that the road that brought them into town, could easily take them back and we’d even help pack! Our little part of Earth here in the mid-west is awesome. Having lived in a big city filled with crime, I know that what we have here is not easy to find. I appreciate our area and the people who live here….heck, I even try to appreciate the people who complain all the time…they will come to see what we all see and love, it’s just a matter of time. Sometimes people miss the lovely wildflower before them because they are too busy looking at the rose in the distance!

    Now stop moving your blog! I am old and can’t keep up with all this moving around! 🙂

    1. Sorry Stitchy, I am just a discontent old woman!! Never “happy” with what I’ve got and doesn’t take the time to “appreciate” where she is!!! LOL.

  4. Well I love the beach city…it has , for me, what I need, people right next store that are the nicest, and neighbors that walk by and stop and chat with me, I live in a bedroom beach town about 1 1/2 miles from the ocean…I love where I live. 🙂 I think that people live where it best feels for each person.. 🙂 Just one gal crocheting away at the beach here,,

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