Almost FO Friday #nothing

Argh!!! I was so close to having an FO today. And I wasn’t even trying until late last night. I picked up Little Hanten to continue with the sleeve and neckband. Was putting off all that garter stitch. But I grabbed my laptop and just read stuff while knitting. It’s a wonder my blood didn’t boil with all this Debt Ceiling farce going on. Just cut what spending we can and then get on to balancing the budget! I don’t care which party you represent, start representing the AMERICAN people! OK, back to the subject at hand.

I only needed 48 rows of sleeve knitting and 2″ of neckband. The sleeve went fairly quickly. Only, when done I noticed a difference in size from the first sleeve. Hmmm, was the difference because of my knitting relaxing or the change in skeins? It’s not major, but you could see a visual difference in the gauge, well, most knitters would have spotted it. But I could live with it, so I forged on. And that’s the first mistake in knitting, not listening to your knitting when it’s telling you, Stop!!! You are about to make a big mistake in leaving me as is. I will just cause you misery if you don’t pay attention to what I am saying. I blame the late hour and my push to finish the piece for my downfall.

I do not religiously pick up the number of sts a pattern calls for. My first Stitches Midwest classes taught me to read my knitting. Sally Melville gave a class on all kinds of stuff and pick up ratios was one. But, the front of this is a modular construction, so I neither had a St st edge, straight garter edge, nor a diagonal edge. I had a diagonal garter edge, if that makes sense, to pick up along. Well, I didn’t pay attention to my inner voice and ended up with too many sts. So all edges have been ripped out and await my administrations this morning. What took my 4 hours last night, between reading, running to pick up Younger, and just messing around online, took me 10 minutes to undo this morning!

Sorry for the fluorescent look to the color. It’s pink, but not quite that eye burning shade. And now I see something that disturbs me. The new skein is striping in a completely different way!!! I am not finding any of the reddish color and only two distinct stripes! I was planning to use the ripped out yarn to reknit, but now I think I will take from the opposite end and see if that gets it back on track.

Today is for planning the Younger’s 14th birthday party. She is having a Dance party at the community house in the neighborhood. I think she is expecting Disco Balls, and streamers, and who knows what else. We will see how many of her visions come true! I haven’t even gotten a cake ordered, so off to try and see what I can come up with on short notice. Hoping your FO Friday has gone smoother than mine, head over to Tami’s to see who succeeded.! Look for this little knit to be done for the next FO Friday. I hope!


8 thoughts on “Almost FO Friday #nothing

  1. Trust me we all have these moments sometime in our knitting lives. I have had my fair share. My advise, is leave it alone today and start again tomorrow.

  2. Oh how frustrating! Good thing you noticed the colour differences now – at least you’re only frogging once. As for the debt ceiling debate, it just seems to me like all your reps are playing chicken, seeing who’ll flinch first. Very frustrating that too!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog but the current color scheme makes it nearly impossible for me to do that. The only way I can read it is if I highlight all the text.

    1. Yikes, sorry! I know I have trouble reading other blogs after being on one that is all black, so I don’t want to cause my readers any issue. I will see if I can find another theme that isn’t so bad. Please, don’t stop reading!!

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