Happy Birthday to you!!!

14 years ago today I held Younger in my arms for the first time. No wait, 14 years ago today I was so nauseous and irritated I couldn’t even open my eyes or allow noise to enter my head. I laid propped up on my side with a cold washrag in one hand, while the other held on to the guard rail, of the hospital bed, to keep me from getting sick. I know, drugs will do that to you. Make you think holding onto a metal bar will keep your stomach from upheaval. So maybe flash back to 14 years ago minus 10 hours or so, I held my newborn in my arms for the first time. It was still, dark, and finally quiet! I wish I could tell you I remember it all so clearly, but I don’t. Obviously, I don’t do drugs well. But I can tell you exactly how I feel each day that she comes up with something so hilarious we can’t stop laughing. Blessed. That’s how I feel. She is my Diva, Drama Queen, Chip off the Old Block (yes, I was a Diva too. Still am!), Dreamer and Creative Spirit. I thought she was going to be my boy to even out our family, but instead we got a girlie girl! And her request for her birthday shows just how much of a girlie girl she is. I present her new furniture and decor for her room.

Sofa Table to be used as a Vanity Table. Cream letter holder for hair accessories, mirror to see her beautiful face, wire mesh container to hold her make up pencils, and a black leather box to hold her make up brushes. The lamp has been changed out for a different one, photo to come later, and the items on the bottom shelf will be swapped out for Zebra inspired containers as we find them.

Mannequin to adorn with whatever she desires. It matches the dress form hangers we got ages ago. She can also hang necklaces from the form.

Now to prepare for her party tonight. Decorating and food prep are the plans for the day, after we go out for free breakfast at IHOP! Younger gets her free pancakes at IHOP today. Way to go IHOP and thank you very much!


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