Still knitting

But you would think that Little Hanten sweater would be done by now. I only have a 4″ i-cord tie left to do. I got the front bands reknit, still not happy with them as this time I didn’t pick up enough sts. I knew it was going to happen, but I just could not face reknitting one more time! I just couldn’t. If Tami comes and reads this, she is going to kill me for leaving a comment on her post about not ripping her skirt. Hmm, think I can block her for this one post? I decided that it would be on an infant who likely isn’t going to be modeling it for show. It’s just a little cover-up for chilled rooms, not a museum level piece. And it won’t be an item she can wear for a long time. Babies grow sooo fast!

Today has been productive in other areas. I have cleaned out 5 closets and rearranged them. I have walked up and down the stairs a million times. OK, a half million times! I have folded towels, loaded a dishwasher, vacuumed 2 rooms, done a bit of grocery shopping (I got 10 boxes of Glad bags for $10.00!!! Not that I need 250 baggies, but you never know. Sure wish I had coupons for them.) Run a kid to a movie, started dinner, and now I am getting ready to head back for pick up. When is my break?

But proudest of all. Today I have only looked at Facebook 2 times. Once to make sure I didn’t miss a note from a friend, and the other time to upload the cutest pictures. In 2002 my husband and younger brother did Richard Petty’s Driving School at Kentucky Motor Speedway. It ended up being a semi family affair as my brother’s family, my mom and dad, and all of our family, went up to watch. I found these photos as I was arranging a bookcase today, oh yeah, I did that too. How precious! My two are standing with their dad and my nephew is on his Dad’s lap. The 2nd photo includes my niece, who is getting ready to head to college!!! Such sweet faces. I miss those ages.

As children of the racers, they were able to take a ride around the track in a 15 passenger van. They had the kids scream as they raced into the pits. It was soooo cute! Those were the days. What memories are stored in your heart?


One thought on “Still knitting

  1. Personally I don’t think it should take longer to knit a baby item than it will take for them to outgrow it. Good call on NOT reknitting.
    You got so much done! I wish the will to clean was contagious.

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