Hauling books around hurts! Especially when you are doing it for umpteen students! Helped at the bookstore today at Elder’s high school. I love being around the kids and the helpers. We had fun. But man, I have forgotten how heavy text books can be! I guess it’s all that “knowledge” crammed in there. So, no knitting has been done since I was there from 9-12. Then I stopped for a pizza buffet before heading home. Now I await Younger’s Cheer Camp stop time so I can pick up the two I dropped off this morning. Then head for some frozen yogurt before going to my mom’s for a mini cousin reunion. Swimming and grilling out will be fun. Too bad other cousin’s can’t join us!

Not sure whether to take the dogs. Everyone is dog friendly, but the dogs tend to jump in the water too much! Not everyone wants a 30 or 40 lb dog on top of them in the water. I might just take the pup and leave the big dog. If I leave the pup he has to be kenneled while I am gone. The big dog gets the freedom of the house. But, the big dog just loves to swim at grandma’s!

OK, time to get some food prepped. Cutting up some peaches for tonight’s picnic. Have hamburger patties, just need to pick up buns, and grab some chips. Mom’s adding from her pantry too, so there should be enough for all. Hope your day has been fun filled. We have too few days left to fill with fun before school starts. Just 5 days!!!! OMdog, where did the summer go? Good thing we have some trips coming up to look forward to. Maybe they will make summer seem like it never ended.


Cat got your tongue?

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