FO Friday #8

I think. I had to go back to the old blog to find out which # I was on. I don’t think I have had an FO since landing here. Nope, I haven’t. So here’s the first FO of the new blog! I present Little Hanten. This isn’t my best work, but understanding it’s not for competition, it’s fine for baby wear.

The yarn is Sausalito. Nice yarn, but the 2nd skein’s colors were not a match to the first. You can see the difference in the sleeves, but basically the 2nd skein didn’t have the reddish patch that the 1st skein did. This is why I have trouble with striping yarns and sweater pieces. I want matchy, and to do that you have to find stripe repeats. This one I determined I was not going to worry about it. And I didn’t. The pattern was well written and I didn’t have any issues with it. I did change the closure to ties instead of a button because this is for baby. And it works. Just I-cord knit to 4″, easy peasy. The hard part is going to be getting this to the new parents. They recently moved from Louisville to OH, further away from us!

Last night was fun and family filled. The young cousins swam and talked and caught up with each other while the big cousins did the same. There were 4 generations of family together again. So sad that we all don’t live closer. 2 were in from VA and the other two were up from TN. We need to just have a family reunion that isn’t tied to a funeral. Maybe that’s a goal for next summer.

OK, time to get my morning going. Elder and Hubster are at Elder’s golf match and I am carting the two girls back to Cheer Camp. Younger’s friend H spent the evening and last night with us, since I was just going to be taking them back to camp today anyway. I need to get them on making their lunches and getting their drinks in order. It’s so nice to have them be capable of handling their needs now, but I do miss those little ones who needed their mommy!

Now, head over to Tami’s for all the other FOs!


9 thoughts on “FO Friday #8

    1. It really was nice to work with. I would just watch the way it stripes. The yarn is a barber pole type with two self striping yarns plied together. Evidently on the 2nd skein the yarn used did not have the same match up of the plies because it had totally different color sequences. Not something an OCD person like me can deal with! But it is a nice, lightweight sweater that will give warmth without weight for a small baby.

  1. How cute. That had to make a mom very happy. No one would know about the differences in the skeins if you didn’t point it out.

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