FO Friday #9

Wow, two in a row? I am on a roll, or just working on too many things at one time, that I tend to end up finishing them all at once. I pressed on with the Oaklet Shawl to finish it last night at 11:15 By midnight it was blocking on the dining room table. Not shown is the fan used to help it dry overnight. Not that I really needed it to wear, but just because I wanted it done on Friday!

Particulars: Oaklet Shawl made with Ellen’s Half Pint sock yarn. I think it is a Merino, but don’t quote me on it. I bought this at my first ever Stitches event when it was still held in Minneapolis. 2001? Lost the ball band ages ago! I am bad like that. I don’t save them, any of them! And sometimes, not even when I still have the full skein of yarn. I am trying to be better. Anywho. I knit it per the pattern except for using my cast on method, I will try to do a photo tutorial on that. Oh, and except for, I had more yarn than called for, so I added St st rows. And I even calculated out how many more rows I could do based on the stitches I had done at 25% of the yarn used. Only, I decided to go up a needle size on the lace portion to make it lacier. And didn’t have enough yarn to make it through the 20 rows of lace pattern. And I basically ignored the pattern, so I ended up with a different lace than the one shown. But other than that, I knit it to the pattern! No, resally. About the running out, can you see the yarn I subbed in? I need to stop this! But it is fun to see what I have in stash that can be used to finish off these shawl!

My dimensions are blocked: 31″x52″. A good size shoulder scarf for decoration.

Now, for the real nitty gritty, see in that photo up top? See how the center neck line is not straight. This is my peeve about shawls in a triangular shape. When you start with a small number of stitches on a center back neck shape, you will end up with an odd shape. I keep forgetting that when I approach new patterns. So from now on I vow, all my shawls will start on the 7th, 9th, maybe even the 13th! row of the pattern. Why? Because I want it to be lower at my back neck. Triangle shape shawls will never give you this shape. Imagine cutting out a small cup of sts, a u-shape if you will, at that back neck. It would lay so much better on the back. Now, this won’t matter if you never wear the shawl with the center back on your center back. But even if I sling it over my shoulder and arrange the ends on the opposite shoulder, that minimal shaping will affect the way it lays. My favorite shawls are the ones that hug my shoulders. I don’t need to rearrange them all the time. Of course, they are also my Alpaca shawls, and Alpaca, by nature, will drape and hug you. I so love those shawls.

OK, enough preaching. This makes 6 shawls in 6.35 months. The next one is ready to cast on, hopefully, remembering I will do it differently. It will be Oscilloscope. I will be using Filatura Di Crosa’s College yarn, in green. I think.

OK, hop over to Tami’s to see what others have finished this week. Happy knitting!


7 thoughts on “FO Friday #9

  1. Love the shawl, and your version of knitting just like the pattern 😉 It sounds very much like me. I know what you mean about the triangle shawl patterns not sitting perfectly. I’ve only made one but next time I think I’ll go for a different shape and see if that suits me better.

  2. The shawl is beautiful, I must admit you lost me with regarding the starting of pattern later on in the shawl, as I have never made one. But will watch your next one in anticipation of learning a new tricks.

  3. I am working on a shawl that seems to be constructed in a manner similar to what you describe, so now I’m freaked out about how it will look and feel when I’m wearing it. (In all honesty, I am SO glad I saw this so now I can be prepared for it when I’m done!! And if I do it again, make the changes you suggested.)

    I think your shawl is beautiful and I don’t know if I’m blind but I can’t tell where you subbed the yarn. 🙂

  4. Looks lovely. I’m impressed with how fast you go. When I make triangular shawls, i usually start at the bottom and you can get the top flat – or I start with the bottom edging and pick up tons of stitches. I hadn’t thought of your idea.

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