What a lovely day it was

Friday morning was spent at school helping the kids check out their textbooks. I do so love interacting with the kids. They are happy to respond to your comments. Wellllll, the 6th graders and most of the 7th graders are. And the 8th graders who know me are good too. You sure can tell the difference in the grades. The 8th graders weren’t too noisy, the 7th graders were VERY noisy, the 6th graders were angels! So afraid to step our of line. I love them!!

I wore the new shawl to school and had it on for most of the morning, but then the hot air from all the kids and body heat drove the temp up! It was actually freezing in the library/media center when I got there. But not for long. The shawl had to come off, that didn’t really help, but I was out of options to take off more. I didn’t realize how soft this puppy was until I took it off the blocking board and wore it to school. It is freaky awesome! It wore on my finger while knitting, but now it has softened up so nicely. No problem wearing it next to my skin.

Here are the artistic shots of the shawl outside.

Objects may appear bluer than they are.

While out taking shots of the shawl, the dogs had to get in on the photo shoot. Here are their lazy selves in the sun.


Such sweet doodle faces!! Have a great Saturday, no matter the weather or the mood, try to find joy in the day.

Correction from yesterday’s post. I said I was going to do Oscilloscope in College. Well, further thought led me to believe it wasn’t really gonna show the stitch definition, and it’s not a worsted weight yarn. Considering I have almost 2oo more yards of it, I thought I would just chance that my smaller yarn would get me there with the extra yardage. The shawl is knit side to side, so just knitting until you run out of yarn is not an option. Now I think I might use one of my worsteds for that shawl. So, I had to find something else to cast on. After seeing the Annis that Tami showed on her FO Friday post I was determined to go ahead and take that one off my queue and just start it. Only issue is, it is knit in a lace weight with an 8US. I am using a sock weight and might go down to a 7US. I will cast on with the 8US and see how the lace holds up. Also, whether or not to do the nupps. I could go see if I have any beads that would work, just not sure I have any colors that will blend/contrast with the pumpkin Posh yarn I am using. Decisions, decisions! I know, I could go back to UFOs or WIPs, or even start another baby sweater!


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