Fingers hurt!

Started up Annis last night and after working with a dull tipped US7 I will be searching for a replacement needle! Man, that tip just does not work for K2togs, S1KPs, or SK2Ps. Let’s not even discuss the current row of Nupps I am trying to P7tog! I dithered about doing them. Thought maybe to do beads, but never got up the energy to go look through my bead collection to see if I had anything that would work. I really knew I didn’t, so looking would have been pointless. I have glossy emerald green, matte gold, and matte pink. The gold might have been a go, but I am low on them, so likely wouldn’t have had enough anyway. I have a hard time with choosing beads. I do not like high contrast, so go for low contrast, which sometimes ends up not showing at all. Especially the matte ones. I guess, Nupps were the only choice.

Of course, you can’t really see the Nupps since it’s all in the early stage.

Today I will give my hands a break from the 6 rows of Nupps, 3 right and 3 wrong side rows. I don’t know which is worse, the knit or purl side. Anywho. Today will be for Connor Prairie knitting. I am close to done with the 4th skein, just 2 more to go. Which also means I am on the decrease side of the blanket!!! Each row will get smaller and smaller. Yahoo! And the wait is decreasing for Momma, she just has a little over 3 weeks left. Praying that everything goes well for his arrival!!

It’s a lazy Sunday, with overcast skies. I think i will just stay in and knit. Or maybe go outside and enjoy the cool breeze. Can it be that summer is over? Not here. It will just get hot again before it gives up the ghost. But I will take the cool air any chance I get. I really am a Fall girl at heart. Love the summer and swimming, vacation, and all, but Fall is really the season for me. Sweater weather!! Crisp, cool air. Fall leaves and their spectacular colors, pumpkins, and mums. That’s all I need! Which season are you?


3 thoughts on “Fingers hurt!

  1. Your shawls are lovely. 🙂

    What brand of knitting needles are you using for the Annis? They tips look so long.

    Thank you for the kind offer to look for the yarn for me, that was just so sweet. I am gonna keep knitting until I am out of yarn and then I might change it up a little to a lighter color of yarn. Not sure yet. But thank you so much for the kind offer. 🙂

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Stitchy, Why, thank you ma’am!
    I am using Bamboos from Clover. Of course when I ordered knitpicks wood tips the last time I got another set of 8US instead of the 7US. What was I thinking! Now I have two sets of 8US and no 7US! I will see if I have some Addi’s in a 7US. Most likely they are stuck in a UFO!!!

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