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WIP Wednesday #14

Progress on Connor Prairie Blanket is coming along. I am done with the 5th skein. Although I had to cut out the last 27 yds due to a knot! I have saved it in case I run short at the end. At least now, the rows are decreasing as I go and soon they will be gone. And not too soon since the babe will be making his appearance in 3 weeks! But I am going to hold the blanket hostage until his Momma brings him to see us in November!

And it also can’t come too soon so I can start a new project! Which shall it be? Liam’s Loki? Arianna’s Petite Pannache? Sophia’s Christmas Bolero? Hmm, the Bolero probably should come first, since it’s to wear for Christmas. But, I don’t know if I have enough Baby Cashmerino for that. So, it might have to wait. Of course, the current shawl will see some progress, but I can’t just have one thing to knit on. Plus, once I get past the lace on it, it will be boring St st with short rows for minimal interest. I will need something else to hold my attention. And either of the first two would do the trick. Maybe I need to put them all in a hat and draw to see which one wins?

Oh, and I also need to work in a baby sweater and blanket for baby Hank or Halley, we will find out Friday which it will be. But that babe won’t show before Jan, so I am good there. But really, Jan will be here before I know it! Where is the time going? I know we can’t make it stand still, but sometimes you wish you could.

Well, head over to Tami’s to see what else is on tap for WIP Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #14

  1. Blanket is looking great, when you get to the decreasing you really feel like you’re making headway. I love love the color. Also love your idea of keeping the blanket hostage until a visit is paid. lol Thanks for the visit and comment both are appreciated.

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