WIP Wednesday

I must make this sweater!!!

Inversion Theory

It’s not reversible, it’s upsidedownible.  I prefer the 2nd style. I would not do such long sleeves, don’t need a chunky cuff. I thought maybe the deep cuffs were to alter the sleeve length when it is worn one of the ways, but both shots have the same cuff depth. PS. I just found out it takes close to 2000 yds for this sweater. I have three different piles of worsted weight yarn I could use!!! Orange, Brown or Plum. Hmm, which to use.

What say you? As usual, all the other Vogue styles were atrocious. I used to love Vogue so much, now, eh.

Time to get ready for knitting. I started the latest baby sweater the other day, and started it over, and over. Finally I am down in the yoke! Liam’s Loki will fly as it is size 3-ish on size 8 needles. It has a 2 or 4 size, but I am using a bigger gauge, so I figure it will be between the two. Which should work for tiny Liam!!

I am not participating in Tami’s WIP Wednesday, but do go check out all the lovelies! I am just too worn out to bother taking photos right now. One golf match down and two to go this week! Plus cheer practice 2 days and tumbling 1. This madness will only end mid Sept, so I better just go with it!!!


6 thoughts on “I must make this sweater!!!

  1. I agree with you, the second version is better. I don’t like the chop off at the waiste of the first version. What color are you thinking of using?

  2. Oooohhh, that’s awesome! And I totally agree with you on the second version! I’d love to make that too — but I’m going to guess it’s an advanced pattern? 😦

    1. It might be, but I hate to designate patterns as advanced or beginner. There are techniques that are advanced, but if all the pattern has is knits and purls, it really isn’t anymore advanced than the next. How things flow can make it more difficult, but that just takes learning to read and decipher patterns. Now, i just need to find the issue so I can read up on the construction. Good thing I am meeting a friend to knit tomorrow! Barnes and Noble, here I come.

  3. Very cool! I agree, the second version is nicer, the top one makes me think of those puffy 80’s jackets. 🙂
    Any of those colours would be perfect for a sweater like that. Very fall-ish.

  4. I agree with you about Vogue. For a long time I brought it for the articles on techniques and the how-tos like the double knit pattern in the current issue. This last issue- the fair isles were actually very traditional (with selected updates like the very wide buttonband on the cardigan) worn by a model with high-fashon hair and clothing; the rest- meh.
    Looking forward to seeing your Inversoin Theory, looks to be a comfortable autumn sweater.

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