Liam’s Loki

This is Liam’s Loki. I am using Wool-Ease from Lion Brand and not minding it too much. It’s doesn’t have quite the sproing I like for knitting, but it works for a busy mom. This is between the 2 and 4 sizes just because I am getting a bigger gauge and cast on the numbers for a 2. He is tiny, so not even sure this will be small enough for him. The colors are Natural, Mushroom, and Mink Brown. I plan on doing another with the same colors, only reversing the Mink Brown and Mushroom. The 2nd one will be for Liam’s cousin Ross. Hopefully their grandfather can get a photo of them together when they are done. Hubster’s Uncle does wonderful photos of his grandbabies.

This photo is way too light on colors, but shows the floats on the inside. I am taking a chance here since I did not lock down the long floats on the rows that have 3 colors. I just didn’t want to struggle with wrapping two strands with one and then worrying about wrapping the other long floats with the other two. Hopefully little fingers will not catch too bad in the floats. Maybe they should have the boys make a fist when putting these on?

Today is for meeting up with a dear knitting friend who is visiting from out of town. I have been trying to get up to PA to visit her, but life keeps getting in the way. Her husband is back in town to do some consulting work with his previous company, so she is coming down for a short visit. She has to get back to town to pick up her winning entries from the local fair there. She won a Best In Show for one of her sweaters. She does beautiful cable work! And she gets to shop at Kathy Zimmerman’s shop!!! So jealous. I was fortunate to get up there one time to that shop. Such a gracious designer and lady.

OK, time to get going. Hope your day is full of friends and fun. And fiber too, if you can sneak it in!


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