This is Getting Old

Again, I have had it. You might have gotten the notion that I am not an Obama fan, it is true. I am not a Democrat, more of a Fiscal Conservative Republican. I am socially conservative, but that is for me and my family, not for me to judge others. I am absolutely opposed to Abortion and will not hide the fact. OK, with that out of the way…..

If I hear one more pundit, reporter, or commentator, make one more comment about the office of the President, in relation to a hurricane, earthquake, or natural disaster, I am going to scream! I seem to threaten that a lot lately. Anywho. When did people take such a leave of their senses!!! A President has neither the resources or the AUTHORITY to demand anything that is done at the state level. It was true with Bush and Katrina, it is the same now with Obama and Irene. Bush didn’t cause Katrina, he is not personally responsible for any loss of life in that storm. It is not the job of a President to do anything in regards to the impending threat of bad weather. He can neither call up first responders or first aid volunteers, gather goods for distribution, nor direct the emergency personnel. After any disaster he can offer condolences and tell FEMA to get to work, but I would assume FEMA is already working on it.

A natural disaster is for each and every city, county, and state to deal with as it impacts the different agencies and organizations. It is, more importantly, up to each and every individual and family to deal with as they can. If they are not up to the task, then aid should be sought at the local and then state level. But even to imagine the state house can help you in the middle of a disaster is ridiculous. YOU are the front line of any event you experience. Even if your local officials are not responding to the threat, you must be prepared to act. Hopefully you have a good local government who can respond to the need, unlike New Orleans had.

Please, do not judge a President by the outcome of a natural disaster. They can neither stop it, repair it, or mend it. And please do not rally a cry for your side of the aisle based on whether you think they responded correctly. They only thing they should be judged on is the way they communicate their sympathy for loses or encouragement to survivors. They don’t even need to “fly over” the affected areas. Live all that to the people who actually can do something about it.

And another thing, I don’t agree with the expensive vacations the Obama family have been taking, during the bad economic times others are experiencing. It is bad PR. But, please do not use the fact that they traveled on two separate planes be a cry against them. As a family who has traveled, by plane, together, I understand not wanting to have all the eggs in one basket. In this day and age we never know who might be planning an attack that could take out national leaders. I would advise against the family traveling in one plane if I were an assistant to either of the Obamas. Give them a break! OK rant off.


2 thoughts on “This is Getting Old

  1. Agree. I was watching the news yesterday as the rain fell and the wind blew. I was rather surprised to see the crawl on the bottom of the screen mention that “President Obama declared Massachusetts a national disaster area”. I didn’t realize he had such a bad vacation.

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