Falling down again

Butterbeer from Forbidden Woolery

Actually, this was a stumble on the way to falling on Friday in the Great Yarn Excursion of August 26th, 2011. This only involved one little skein. Barely 300 yds worth of sporty goodness. It was purchased with a thought to using it in a striping pattern with a yarn on hand. Alas, buying sight unseen will not win the day. They aren’t going to work together. So now I have some sport weight to figure out a patten for. It will come to me.

I used the same colorway in a shawl I knit of fingering weight. Ishtail was cobbled together with the edge pattern from Ishbel and the edge pattern from Swallowtail. I love the results.

Please pray for my computer. The screen does alien things when I tilt it too far open. So I end up having it tilted more to the keyboard which means I have to angle it to read, and then trying to access the keyboard is a hilarity! No wonder my shoulders hurt. I am resisting taking it in until I absolutely have to. I know I am due for a new computer, well, I think I am! But trying to hold out with this one. Which works very well for being 5 years old. It is now starting to crash, but not frequently. I am trying to keep junk off of it, unnecessary photos and what not. Definitely will be going with another Mac, just need to see what’s out there. I had considered an I-Pad, but I do too much typing for that to work. Guess I will start researching to see what I want. If I go silent for a few days in a row, you will know we are in for repairs or an upgrade.

Just hope it holds on for FO Friday this week! I have an FO, but I am not very pleased with it. 2nd sweater for this little guy that I have not liked the outcome of. The other one sits in my closet upstairs, taunting me. I don’t want this one to be a no-go!!! But I do not like the fact that it looks a different shape than the one online. How could theirs be so boxy?? Going to run the numbers again and see what went wrong.


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