Liam’s Loki FO Friday #11

Liam's Loki

It is done. And not too pleased with it I am. The shape is all long and not at all boxy like the photo of the original. Now, there were some gauge issues, the pattern was 19×26 over 4″ on US6. I was getting 21×23 over 4″ on US8. And actually, I got 19×26 over 4″ on US8 in the body section. I knit to the length told. I know my yoke is longer, due to the row gauge being off, but really? Based on their numbers, their yoke would have been 5.8″ deep. Mine is 6″ deep.

I guess those 2 sts over 4″ less I had made all the difference? Theirs would have been 39″ at it’s widest point, at the base of the yoke before the arms split off, and mine is only 37″.  Also, the bulk of the multiple strands don’t help either. So, before I go on with this pattern I plan to see if this one fits the intended recipient. If not, major rework needs to happen before I make one for the other cousin.

So much about this I don’t like. I know I don’t like acrylic yarns. But, even with the 25% wool content, this is a blech to me. It is not soft, it does not drape, it has no bloom. Plymouth Encore has a nicer hand than Wool-Ease. From now on, no more acrylic!!! Superwash wools only. Just need to find a yarn that knits on a US6 to their gauge. That sounds like Light Worsted to me, but really? Who labels their yarn Light Worsted? DK would be close, but not sure that would work either. I never knit DK on a US6, much too loose for me. I am sure I will probably just use the Wool-Ease again, but I won’t like it!

Kudos to my Elder. She shot a 43 yesterday in her golf match. It was 8 over par for the course. She got beat by the 1st place golfer on the other team by 4 strokes. Way to go Elder!!! So proud of her progress this year. She only took up golf seriously her freshman year. As a Junior she is consistently playing 1 or 2 for her team. Her first year we were happy if she broke 60! Now we are learning it’s a lot easier to shave 10 strokes off when you were hitting 60, than to shave off 5 strokes when you are around 50. Her range this year has been between 47 and 54. But the last few outings she has been on. Now, to advance past Sectionals this year, that’s her goal!

OK, head over to Tami’s to see who has an FO to show today.

PS. I am 22 yards away from knitting 10,000 yds so far this year. I have never kept a stat like this, so it’s neat to see a milestone. If it took my 8 months and 1 day to reach 10,000, wonder what I will have with only 4 months left? 15,000 yds knit? Not sure I could do 10,000 over the next 4 months, even if my knitting has picked up lately.


19 thoughts on “Liam’s Loki FO Friday #11

  1. oooh, I feel bad that you aren’t happy with it. That is a lot of work. Yes, superwash wool may help. There are so many choices out there. Maybe visit your local yarn shop for some help and suggestions. The one I visit is rock star about helping plus has lots of beautiful yarns at reasonable prices.

  2. gauge is strange – I feel like no matter how many times I measure a gauge swatch and check my calculations, it never comes out the way I thought it would. but I really love the look of the sweater! hopefully even with its faults you can find a use for it =)

  3. The sweater looks very nice. Sorry you don’t like it and I’m guessing that you won’t be able to block it to shape the way you could with wool. Still, whoever it does fit will have a very nice sweater. And congratulations to your daughter.

  4. Aww, I’m so sorry you don’t like it. It’s funny before I read your post, I thought it was beautiful (and still do!) Also, kudos to your daughter!

  5. This is beautiful! Ok, stop it right now…you are starting to make the rest of us look bad with all this beautiful knitting that you are doing. 🙂

    I haven’t used any yet, but some people love the Stitch Nation Yarns..I think they have a super wash one that is out with lots of really awesome colors.

    Can’t wait to see what you knit up next. 🙂

    1. I have petted the Stitch Nation Yarns, will have to pick one up to try it.
      Hey, I am trying to inspire you, not make you look bad. Like you don’t make beautiful things! LOL
      I do want to clarify for others, it’s not that I hate the sweater, it just didn’t fit my vision. As it has sat around it has grown on me. Won’t be able to try it on the little guy until next weekend, to know if it fits.

  6. Fingers crossed that the sweater fits! I think that you did a terrific job with the knitting and the colors work so well together. Getting gauge can be such a frustrating thing! Congrats to your daughter on her awesome performance. I have always wanted to learn how to play golf since it is a sport that lasts a lifetime.

  7. I like yours better than the original , i think the tiny bit longer length works well for an outdoorsy cardigan . Kids are always on the move and I find that they’re midriffs are often exposed to the elements . Hope it fits !

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