Wow, Blogging Milestones

I am close to having a total of 4,800* comments between my old blog and the new one. Wonder if I can reach 5,000 before year’s end. And, I just past 10,000** yards of yarn knit so far this year. That’s an average of 1250 yards a month. Wonder if I can keep that up until Dec? That would make 15,000 yards knit in a year. Wish I had kept this stat longer than just this year. I used to have a total number of items knit per year stat, but I lost track of it on my old blog.

Today I want to talk about buttons and buttonholes. In sewing your buttons, and the holes for them, are generally sewn within the center of the bands allowed for them. In knitting you never want to center you buttons and their holes in the band. Why? Consider this, sewing is usually done on stable and interfaced fabric. It generally will not give and stretch when put to the test. Knit fabric is very fluid, even when dropping a needle size to knit a button band. Just the slightest pressure can cause the buttonholes to give and the buttons then look off center of the band. Below are three photos showing buttonhole placement on sweaters I have made. The fourth photo shows the placement of the buttons. As you can see, nothing is centered in the band.



To avoid the give of the band causing the buttons to look off-center, place both components off center, towards the sweater edge. This will settle the button into the center of the band when buttoned. Make sense?

Onto Petite Panache. The body is waiting for the sleeves to be started and worked up to the armholes before the rest of the body is knit. Wanna see?

Back with flirty peplum
Front with Seed St buttonband
Sleeve with Seed St Cuff

You may notice split ring stitch markers on the right side of the sleeve. They help me keep track of my increases. It is strange that this pattern only has 1 increase every 4 rows. Usually a sleeve increases at the rate of 2 sts per row over a repeat of 4 or 6 rows. Seems this will make a very narrow sleeve. With no 1 year old to try it on, I am at the mercy of the pattern. But the original photo does seem to suggest it is a close fitting sleeve. Which surprises me on a garment that looks more to be an outerwear coat rather than an inside cardigan. Another consideration, the cuff should have been done on more sts than the base of the sleeve. This would allow for the turned back cuff to not affect the circumference of the sleeve. I am seriously thinking about just ripping back what little is done and modifying the issues I have with the sleeve construction.

The items I have highlighted here speak to the need to understand garments and their construction when designing knit items. Most patterns will utilize the buttonhole technique, but they do not always tell you to sew the button on towards the sweater edge also. Another way to affect the cuff size is to use a larger needle for the cuff and then switch to the needle size for the sleeve.

Anywho. Knitting was light this weekend. Friday was spent on a date and a 4th quarter football game. Saturday was swimming in a bath, my mom’s pool, and cleaning. Finally last night I did sit and knit while watching a movie. Sherlock Holmes was the choice. Had to watch it after seeing the preview for the sequel at the movie theater. Hopefully today will see more knitting, but doubtful. We are headed out to a friend’s for a Labor Day picnic, except the rain may keep us indoors. I hope you have a spectacular day and find time for family and friends.

* I am sure some of you get that many in a year! But I am just a little ole blogger.
** I am sure some of you knit that in half the time! But I am just a little ole knitter.


One thought on “Wow, Blogging Milestones

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of comments! I just started my blog this past week. I hope to be able to post on a regular basis, especially now that it’s getting to be knitty season in Michigan – LOL The weather in the summer really puts a damper on wanting to knit.

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