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WIP Wednesday #16

Progress has been happening on many items. I have gotten through the Nupps rows on Annis, yay!!! I have progressed on Petite Panache. Only after I de-gressed. Is that a word? I ripped out the sleeve and modified it to 26 sts on cuff, decreased down to 22 on the sleeve. The increases are being worked 2 for every 4th row. it’s back to where it was before I ripped. And, a new knit has begun.

Progress photos:

Petite Panache Sleeve Take 2
Annis through the Nupps and decrease rows.
Shadow Shawl, the new knit

I wish I could place st markers in the Shadow Shawl, but the 10 st repeats are not set yet. You increase at the end of the row, so that changes the placement every other row. I am creating the first and second diagonal stripe bands. I can tell this will be one of those knits it’s hard to put down. Even though I am using it for my One A Day knitting, I likely will knit more than a stripe a day. Maybe the goal should be to work through the 10 sts bands, at least at first. By the time there gets to be 105 sts across the rows, I am sure one stripe a day will suffice. I have already broken the yarn from the first Mini Mochi skein and started the 2nd skein. I removed the deep green and bright blue sections and will use those balls on a baby hat, maybe? Something Fake Isle-ish.

OK, time to go check out the progress everywhere else. You know what to do.


16 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #16

  1. Love Annis. Great looking Nupps! I’ve only done them a couple times, on a shawl thats in hibernation and its so hard to get them to look good. And Wow! Your nupps are beautiful!

  2. I love the colours on the Annis shawl ,they’re so pretty ! The shadow shawl looks like an intriguing knit , neat how the yarns are playing out …

    I’m itching to cast on a shawl , but have more promised baby knits to do . I might give in yet ….

  3. Those shawls look beautiful. Your projects are inspiring me to continue knitting — at my level, I had to go look up what nupps are. 😀

    I look forward to the f.o’s to all these projects.

  4. Thanks for visiting me over at we bloom here and commenting on my knitted bunnies! I went at had a look at the heartstrings bunny pattern and it is the same as the one I used for the first bunny, but the shaping on the head is slightly different (and better) on the heartstrings pattern… Thanks!

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