FO Friday #12

Baby Wolf Snuggly

In a fit of flurry, last Sunday, I worked on a baby snuggly so that I could have it in time for a shower this weekend. It took less than a day to make. I loosely followed this pattern. I used some yarn on hand, stash busting!!! One skein of Tahki Bunny Print and a skein of Bee Soft Delight. And then when I ran out of Bunny, part of the Jiffy Quick yarn, used for Panache, that had a knot at the beginning, so I just cut it out. Here are the yarn photos, see if you can pick them out in the snuggly.


I used the Bee Soft and Bunny from the bottom to about 2/3 up. Then used the Bee Soft and Jiffy. Then the last bit that looks lighter was just Bee Soft. It has a ribbed pattern, but you can’t really tell.

As you can see in the first yarn photo, I still have Bee Soft left. This yarn was given to me by a friend. And free yarn can’t just sit there and not get used!! So, I bought two more skeins of yarn to use it up. That’s the logic my brain uses. What can I say, I’m smart that way!

I will be making some modifications to the next one. Instead of a pointy bottom I will increase to double the st count every 2-3 rows at the beginning. This will give the shape a more flat bottom. The 1st version I did had less point than the original pattern.

Progress was made on Shadow Shawl and Annis.

Shadow Shawl

Now, head over to Tami’s, Wonder Why Gal, and Natural Suburbia to see what else has been FO’d this week!



21 thoughts on “FO Friday #12

  1. There’s a lot of happy pink energy in your projects this week. The baby snuggly will be a lovely gift. (I wonder why I didn’t knit when my kids were little enough for all the adorable baby/toddler items?)

  2. The snuggly is cute. Is there a high demand for those? I don’t really see them around but if people want them I’ll definitely oblige. 🙂

    I am loving both of your shawls. I can’t wait to see them blocked and finished!

    1. I don’t know about demand, but if I had one when my girls were babes I definitely would have used it. The receiving blankets would never stayed tucked, but then I guess they were just movers!!!

  3. I like the snuggly … and I definitely like your future mod – the more square bottom is great for, as you say, “those movers,” which I think are most babies, no? 🙂

  4. I’d not thought of mixing different textures of wool before. Colours, but not textures. I love how it turned out. Very cuddly. Just perfect for a little one.

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