Big Day

Elder has an 18 hole golf tournament today. I will be busy until well after 2:00 or 3:00? Who knows how long it will take. This after a 9 hole match on Friday, in the rain. And of course, rain is forecast for today. Hopefully it will stay away. Since I am out of the house before 6:30 this morning, I have pre-posted this note.

Pray for Edler. She has been through a rough few days with highs and lows. Unfortunately, the lows have to do with friends, or supposed friends. I hurt for her in these times. She is such a loyal person, who would never think to be unkind to her friends. So why do her friends feel that she can be treated poorly?

She valiantly tried to play yesterday with this friend issue troubling her, along with a headache and feeling bad. And her play was not up to her usual. Which made her feel worse. So, let’s pray for a good match today without distractions.

The high? She was selected as a finalist for Player of the Week in Girl’s Golf for her school. She is up against all the other #1 players from the other schools in town. So she is 1 of 8 girls vying for this bragging right. It’s an award given by a local radio station and selected by popular vote. She is currently 3rd in the voting. Fingers crossed she places high at the final count on Sunday night. It would give her a perk in an otherwise dismal week.

Now, on to knitting. Since I was prisoner, and she was too, to slow playing match mates yesterday, I was glad I had my knitting in the cart. I don’t usually knit during golf, but since we have had a delicious cold snap, the knitting is perfect for my lap. I almost wish it had been afghan sized to cover my lap, but alas, it was only Annis. It is getting close to being done per the pattern, but I will just continue until I run out of yarn. I still have 45 gm out of 100. I am loving the colors in this yarn. It was a gift from a dear friend, Posh yarn, for me????!!!! And she knows my colors!


OK, by the time you read this I will be somewhere on the golf course, wincing when a putt falls short, or giving a “sit, sit” command if it darts too quick. But I hope I will be doing more, “good shot” and “great par” than anything. And who knows, if the play is slow I just may have Annis done!


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