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Good weekend

But before that. I want to take a moment to remember all of the First Responders who worked so hard, and even gave their lives, to try to save lives during 9/11. And for the families of the victims, I pray peace will be upon them this 10th anniversary.  Death is never easy, but the large scale loss of life, during an attack on our country, will never be acceptable. May God be with each and every person who experienced the tragedies first hand or through loss of loved ones.

So far, it’s been a wonderful weekend. Today will see church and baby shower before the day’s end. Would love to work a nap in there, but doubt I will make it. Something about this cool weather just makes me want to curl up with a blanket and fall asleep to the sound of football or NASCAR. Oh well, giving baby presents is more important!

Yesterday’s golf match was not spectacular. Elder ended up with a 100. She blew up on a few holes, still plagued by a headache. Not sure what’s going on, maybe the barometric pressure is causing them. Hope she shakes them off for her two matches this week. Then Sectionals are Saturday!

I was able to knit on Annis while driving the cart. It is done per the pattern, but I have 33 grams of yarn left. So I plan to just keep knitting, maybe throw some more short rows in so I don’t build up the sides. I just hate to stop now and deal with 130 yds of yarn. You know me, I’d rather run out right as I am ready to bind off, thus having to bind off in another yarn! I don’t think that has to happen this time. Just need to remember to stop when I think I am close to running out.


And then while at home in the evening watching ND football and NASCAR, no nap though, I worked on Shadow Shawl. 8 more stripes done, so 56 in all so far. Far ahead of my One A Day challenge. The color changes and pattern keep me interested.

Shadow Shawl

The mail brought me some lusciousness yesterday. The two balls of Gedifra Videra I ordered from Webs came. I love the yarn. Now to add the leftover Bee Soft to it for a baby snuggly. Or maybe not. I might just make a warm cowl with it for my niece. She is in Indy studying Law this Fall. She might need a warm cowl to keep her neck warm. Or maybe the niece studying in Iowa. She really will need something to keep her warm! It’s not a good color match for the Bee Soft anyway. I can always get a skein of Jiffy to use with it for a snuggly. Since I didn’t even have a baby in mind for it, I should just use this yarn for something else. Sounds reasonable to me!

Gedifra Videra and Vogue Early Fall

I also got the Early Fall Vogue so I can make the Inversion Theory Cardigan. Need to swatch the yarn I plan to use for it. Which I don’t remember deciding which one yet. The Plum Paton’s Classic Wool is calling the loudest. But I had it saved for a Tahki Jacket. The orange is open, no major plans for it. But, do I want a very loud orange heather sweater? It’s not bright orange, but it ain’t subdued either! I will just have to swatch and see. the brown actually is a tweed effect, not sure I want to use that for this sweater. It’s too rustic. Who knows. It’s not like I am ready to start it tomorrow! Nope, I must finish one or two things first!


One thought on “Good weekend

  1. Your shawls look great! Isn’t it nice to have the luxury of knitting in the car.
    I hope your daughter feels better. Headaches are so difficult to just live with.

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