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Wednesday WIPs #17

Too many things in progress and too many things I want to start in progress! But I need to finish things before I begin, so the latest on the in progress items:


Annis, has been knit, frogged a bit and re-knit. And I still had left over yarn! So I made some modifications and I am near the end. Just hope my changes make it work and that it blocks out big enough. Either way, I have loved working with this Posh Yarn, Martha!!!! Thanks Lisa.

So soft. Quite a lot of this has been knit while sitting in a golf cart on a golf course. A few days the cool weather helped me work on it. But yesterday’s match it was a bit warm, so it didn’t see much work. Nothing like warm wool to make your hands sweaty on a hot day! At 8:02 Central time, Annis was completely frogged! It was not going to be what I wanted. I am now going to restart on larger needles, omit the Nupps and hope this time all the yarn is used up per the pattern. I might even add a motif or two to the width. Bah!

Petite Panache hasn’t gone anywhere so far this week.

Shadow Shawl

Shadow Shawl is being knit as my One A Day challenge and I have been faithful about working on it every day. At least one stripe is my goal and I often knit more than one. Yesterday I got 8 stripes made between waiting in the car and sitting at home. I am not sure about the color now showing up at the left. It seems too white gray. But I am not going to create any more ends than I have already committed to, when I cut out the green and blue from the first skein. Sometimes I just have to let nature take it’s course. Which is very hard for my very symmetrical mind! Order must be observed!

OK, you know what to do. Head over to Tami’s and see what else has been progressing around the blogs.


8 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs #17

  1. I really love the shadow shawl. This probably won’t help, as I have a completely asymmetrical mind! Symmetry drives me crazy (not so much in knitting, sometimes it is perfect and necessary – but at home there is not one bit of symmetry in my interior decor, which works for me but my best friend hates it!)

  2. So sorry that you had to frog your Annis. The color is gorgeous. I am sure that the next version will be lovely. Your Shadow shawl is looking great. Letting go of color control is hard, but kind of liberating.

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