When am I going to stop!!!

Buying yarn. Evidently, not anytime soon. The past few weeks I have been buying in dibs and drabs. 2 here, 2 there, 3 over yonder, 2 more slide in. It started with that silly snuggly. Using up 2 skeins I had on hand led to running out of one and having to use part of the Jiffy to finish with. Then I had leftover of one skein and decided to add a bulky to it to use up. But, I had no bulky in the right color. So, I ordered two skeins here. But, decided they were too pretty and not the right color, but would make an excellent cowl for my niece in Indy. So, during that, I decided to order some Encore for the nephew-to-be’s snuggly. So, two there.

And then, Webs sent notice of their new interchangeable needles. Hmm, wonder if they interchange with the Knitpicks? Hey, they have a starter set of 3 wood tips and 2 size cables with 2 cables each. And, don’t I need some DK in red for a baby Christmas sweater? And look at that lovely Valley Super DK  yarn. So, 3 over yonder. And then last night, I was out with Hubster and MIL and while by JoAnn’s I ran in for another skein of brown Wool-Ease for the other Loki and a skein of Jiffy to finish out Petit Panache. Oh yeah, while working on the collar I ran out. Hmm, maybe that bit I used for the snuggly would have come in handy?

But it’s all good, cause I will now use the leftover from this skein of Jiffy with the leftover Bee Soft from the original. It’s all good! Although, I am quickly gaining on the total yardage bought last month and I didn’t want to even show ANY purchases this month. Cause last month was too much. Oh well, It will get knit eventually. Although I don’t know how if I keep adding without knitting what’s already there.

Here is the progress on Annis. Just a few rows until done.

And Petite Panache in it’s undone state.

I need to add to the collar on the right, which is the left collar. There are short rows will build up the points, neat idea.

OK, off to get the pulled pork pulled and slathered with BBQ sauce. Then make some fried potatoes and baked beans to enjoy. For desert it’s strawberries, pound cake, and whipped cream, if I can find someone to go back to the store for the whipped cream! Why do I always forget it?


5 thoughts on “When am I going to stop!!!

  1. Love your Annis…looks great! I think the full moon last weekend put its spell on me & got me motivated to finish a couple of things!

  2. The more yarn the better! LOL. You know the saying “she who dies with the most yarn wins”. I have a ton of one skein here one ball there scraps, not enough to make anything substantial. My goal is to start buying in larger quantities so I can actually make myself something other than hats, mittens and scarves.

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