Loki II and Bolero VIII

Here is the recent progress on Loki II. The tan and brown colors are reversed from Liam’s Loki. These are being made for some cousins, so they need to be distinguishable from each other.

Loki II

Soon to be past the first set of three color rows, I am hating these more and more! Too bad I have some more coming up in the next design band.

And, since I finished 2 items recently, I cast on for two more, Loki II and Bolero VIII, that’s 8 for the Roman Numeral Challenged among us. Bolero VIII is being knit in Valley Superwash DK from WEBS. Can I say that I have now found a sub for Baby Cashmerino!!! They are different gauges, but this will now be my go to yarn for baby knitting! Love it. In fact, I have to order 8 more balls to use for this baby blanket for my great-nephew to be. His room will be in brown, navy, and blue, so I will order a shade card to determine what colors will best work with his bedding. Or maybe just order a bunch and have it on hand anyway!

Anyhoo, the Bolero VIII. I only have a front done, it’s my gauge swatch, and I am spot on! Sts AND row gauge! It is a Christmas red and I am hoping it will be big enough for her at Christmas. I am doing the 3-6 month size because she is such a little bit. But I have a call into Grandma to be sure what size she will be wearing at Christmas.

Sirdar Bolero 1646

This will be the 8th time I have made this sweater. It really is the cutest girl’s sweater I have ever made.

Last night was a fun girl’s night out. We celebrated two friends’ birthdays. And decided it’s time to start a birthday club! So we plan to go out next month to celebrate two more birthdays. What fun it is to be amongst friends. Even if all we do is talk about the school our kids attend, it’s a group of PTA moms. Here’s to friends!


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