Mindless knitting

You sometimes wish for it, but when you have it, it is so mind numbing you want more of a challenge! Or is it just me? LOL. I am past the color work on Loki II and I just want to do anything but! At 107 St sts per row, I have 3 more inches to knit of dark brown nothingness. And then, 2 sleeves!!! The only hope is the corrugated rib at the hem and cuffs. Oh well, I guess I will survive.

Loki II

I also have been giving Shadow Shawl a lot of attention. It went to the surgery with me on Friday. I am just amazed I didn’t have to rip out all of the progress I made with it. But it survived. I am 34 rows from the mid point. And it feels like they take forever! I am only up to 121 sts per row, but when you started out with 6 sts, that is a whole lot more! Due to the *10 k, 10 p pattern repeat I can’t mindlessly knit on this. Wait, didn’t I just rant about not wanting mindless? LOL! I guess I want an in between. A pattern that flows without having to be stuck to it, yet, isn’t so flowing that I easily bore.

Shadow Shawl

Well, time for me to get my day going. I need to head out later to help at a concession stand. Elder ran off to Indy with Hubster for the Colts/Steelers game tonight. That means I have to stand in for Elder who promised to help at her German Club’s concession stand. I am hoping the teacher takes pity on me and doesn’t make me work 12-6! I planned to eat dinner with MIL and Younger. Younger requested Cracker Barrel, she keeps using the surgery as a crutch! She deserved new perfume because she had surgery. She deserved Sonic ice cream because she had surgery. I am not sure how long she can milk this. Hubster says I am too soft. Well, someone has to be, ’cause he’s such an Ice Cube. Only my MIL will get this reference.

*Response to Dee’s suggestion the in comments: I can’t place markers for these sts as they shift one stitch every other row. One row is straight knit, the next is the 10 st pattern. The shift in pattern creates the diagonal bands of shading. You can barely tell this from the photo. I keep trying to get a photo that shows the bands, but with flash it’s impossible. Will try to get a sunshine shot this week, but with today’s weather, it’s not happening anytime soon. Rain, rain, go AWAY!


3 thoughts on “Mindless knitting

  1. Could you put stitch markers every 10 stitches so it would make the shawl a little more “mindless”, but not mind-numbing?

    It looks very pretty. I love the colors.

  2. Your colourwork looks great, and at least you have the beautiful shawl to switch with when the brown gets too mind numbing, or maybe something different for a super quick knit when it all getts too much, like a bright purple cabley hat 😀

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