Yes, I started another knit

You know the kind. The last minute item you need to gift to someone special. In this case, the golf coach at Elder’s high school. I made her felted clogs 2 years ago, so no go on those. And then I thought, how about that lovely sportweight Butterbeer yarn from Forbidden Woolery. I pruchased it from Leann with the intent to use it with another sportweight yarn in blues and golds. But the golds didn’t mesh. So I put it away for future consideration. Now I am very glad I bought it on mistake!!! It is perfect for the school colors. Her golf coach is also the photographer for the athletic department, so she needs a nice warmer for the neckline during all those outside events in the cool.

What to knit. I thought about doing my own pattern to supply to Leann for her yarn shop, but with short notice I figured an existing pattern was the best bet. And of course, finding one I liked in the weight I had was impossible. So I ended up with a worsted pattern that I adapted. Instead of casting on 108 sts I used 135. Now to finish it in time to gift at the banquet on Thursday night.

Alicia Cowl

So far, so good. I hope she gets a lot of wear out of it. No wait, that sounds like I want her to be stuck out in the cold taking pictures of sporting events. That’s not very nice. LOL!

So Sunday was spent knitting on the cowl while my niece stayed through the weekend to keep Younger company. Since she was on restricted activity she and her cousin spent the days playing Wii and watching movies. I think it was helpful to have someone to hang with. Last night the pain finally started settling in. She has pain medicine, but it isn’t keeping up with the pain. She finally washed her hair  last night and I tried to get some of the dried blood out, but it was painful. We have it all peroxided and neosporined up, hopefully that will help keep it from getting dry and itchy.


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