One A Day

Shadow Shawl hasn’t seen action since Saturday. I have just been obsessed with getting a gift done, so everything else has fallen to the wayside. But as of Saturday I was way ahead of any one stripe a day effort. I started this shawl on Sept 6th and I am almost halfway done. I have 116 stripes, which is 232 rows! Good thing some of those rows started with only 6 sts. I left the annoying purple in, it doesn’t bother me as much as weaving in two more ends would have.

Shadow Shawl

I wish there was sunshine today, this photo is close on the colors, but sunshine always shows a truer color. Like a pair of shoes I once bought to match a blue dress I had. In the store they were a perfect match. Too bad in the sunshine they were purple shoes. They changed colors from fluorescent to sunshine. Taught me a lesson about walking to the doors of a store to see just exactly what color the item truly is. Also true with paint. Never try to match something to a paint chip while standing in the paint aisle. Go to the doors or take it outside. You can’t believe how something can change when under a different light source.

OK, laundry time. These days of no golf have been blissful, but they also leave me more time for housework, which I generally try to avoid! But things need to get done around here, and I guess since I am the only one home, it’s gonna be me!

Head over to Gingerbread Girl to see what others have been accomplishing with their One A Day.


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