WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday #19

Much progress has been made this past week. I am definitely on a knitting roll currently. Seems like old times, back in the beginning when I knit as much as I possibly could. Only now, my body feels the effects. Too stiff when I sit for too long and knit. I need to move more. But the desire to just keep knitting takes over, and really, I just need to finish that one row! LOL. Only a knitter will get that reference. Or the children of knitters.

So first up, Loki II has seen great progress. Worsted weight in a toddler sweater always goes quick.

Loki II

With little effort this should be done by the weekend. Even with working on Shadow Shawl once a day, there is enough time to work on the sleeves and button bands. Of course, sewing will have to happen before the bands. But that’s a quick trip.

And Shadow Shawl has seen some progress, although not One A Day as I have been trying. I skipped two days due to a new start and exhaustion. More on that later.

Shadow Shawl

I am 30 stripes from the mid point. I can’t wait to start decreasing with this knit! I am worried that I will not have enough yarn to get me to the mid point. I spliced out some colors I did not want to use, and that took out about 15 grams of yarn. Now I will sweat it getting to the mid point with only 7 grams of the striping yarn. If I calculated right, I have to start decreasing at that point to have enough yarn to finish out. If I am only 1 stripe away from mid point I will just go ahead and start decreasing. If I am more than that, desperate measures might have to be taken. We will see in a few days. Still loving the shawl, still hating the counting!

And why have I been less faithful to the Shadow Shawl project? Because I started a cowl, so I would have it done by Thursday, so I could gift it. If you are a usual visitor here you have already seen the Alicia Cowl, aka Pink October Cowl from Classic Elite. This has been a quick knit. I worked on it Sunday and Tuesday. The original uses Worsted weight yarn but I am using Sport from Forbidden Woolery. Can I say how absolutely AWESOME this yarn is. I used the same colorway in Fingering for my Ishtail (cross between Ishbel and Swallowtail) shawl. Leann has some lovely yarn, you should try it. I added repeats to get the width I needed and have done 3 repeats of the chart. Mine is measuring about 21″x6″ unblocked. Hoping that increases to about 23″x7″, but I will take whatever I get.

Alicia Cowl

I have named mine the Alicia Cowl after the recipient, Elder’s Golf Coach at her High School. There is a banquet Thursday night so I needed this ASAP. I have actually finished it, but you won’t get to see it for a bit. I have something else to show for FO Friday this week, so I am saving this for next week! Just imagine the above piece twice as long.

OK, you know where to go for more WIPs, check out Tami’s!


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #19

  1. You have made a lot of progress on the Loki. I’ve not attempted something like that because I’m a little scared of color work. Maybe one day. Your shawl and cowl are coming along nicely!

  2. You are brave to plan a shawl for a time-sensitive project! I’d never dare! Love the Loki sweater.

    btw, DH knows all too well about the … one more row … finish the round… finish the repeat … scenarios. I get warnings now on road trips! Usually something like, “We’re five minutes away; don’t start another repeat!” LOL

  3. WOW, what a lot of work! I totally understand that “One more row!” scenario. . . That’s how several of my projects mysteriously got done several days sooner than estimated. Many nights of “Just one more round!” 😉

  4. Those projects look great! I love the cowl. Ah for the immortal phrase “Just one more row…” (how many 1am nights have I had after thinking at 11pm, ‘just one more row’) 😉

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