Claiming yarn

If I paid for the yarn Sept 29th, but it won’t be here until next week, does it go on September’s total, or October? I would much prefer it go on October, since I was ahead of the yarn game before the purchase. I had knit more yarn, in September, than I purchased, until yesterday. So, do I just go ahead and put it on October? I mean, it’s not actually in my hands, so it doesn’t really count, does it? Off to change it to October. There, that looks better. Although I don’t know that starting the month of October almost 600 yards in the hole is good.

I have been keeping track of the yardage I buy and the yardage I knit, through each month and for the year. The Stash On Hand widget in the side bar is a fluid one, reflecting from day to day the amount of yardage/skeins I have on hand. I am embarrassed to see that total. I’d hoped it would stop me buying more yarn. But, I can honestly, somewhat, say, that the purchases I have made recently are for baby knitting. Since I do not keep a big selection of baby appropriate yarns on hand, this has been a necessary evil. Wait, evil? How could yarn buying be evil!!!?? It’s insulation from the cold. Yeah, that’s what it is.

The one thing I will hold on to is, I am only 1000+ yards from knitting as much as I have purchased this year. Now, do I want to determine how much of the yarn was from stash? Nope, don’t want to own up to that!

Last night we went to the last home game for our football team. There will be one more game played in our stadium, but it’s a home game for one of the other high schools. They just built a new school for those students and their stadium isn’t finished yet. They have played their games at our field forever. So, even though we will not be the home team, we will still feel the home field advantage. But then, so will they! I knit through the game on Shadow Shawl. It was nice to have it to cover my lap during the 3rd quarter. I finally went to the car to wait for the 6 teens, sleep over at our house last night. Hot choco helped warm me up!

Shadow Shawl

I am on the down hill slide of SS, so the rows are getting shorter and quicker. But I will be sweating it out until the last bit of the Mini Mochi is done. I would cross my fingers, but that makes knitting difficult.

Now to make breakfast for 7 hungry teens, my 2 and 5 over-nighters! Hope they all like the same things. Who knows what time they will even arise! I won’t hold my breath before 9:00 am. They were up til way past midnight, watching scary movies and taking pictures. Goofs! Hope your day goes well. Ours will be major clean up once the guests depart. And maybe catch up on sleep.


3 thoughts on “Claiming yarn

  1. I can’t wait to see your shawl finished. I have decided to make one for a friend of mine. I have some yarn she loves and she keeps eye though she won’t ask so of course I have to make her something.

    Isn’t it fun to have them in the house?!? I always get a kick out of my daughter and her friends when they are here.

    Have a good day!

  2. the shawl looks awesome so far!

    I’m impressed by your yarn system =) I think babies and the need for baby yarn is a PERFECT excuse to buy some more!

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