Claimed Yarn and One A Day

It’s arrived, so I now have to claim it. So, here is the purchase that didn’t want to be counted.

Webs Valley Superwash DK

This stuff is seriously breaking my addiction to Debbie Bliss Cashmerino! At half the price and the same yardage, it’s winning. If only the color selection was more the Debbie Bliss stuff I would be even happier. But, considering I haven’t seen all the colors in real life, I shouldn’t make that assumption. I know the photo above makes it look like the yarn to the right is light blue, but in reality it looks lilac. Which I would almost assume they sent me the lilac instead of the Ice Blue, but the label says it is Ice Blue.

I was hoping to get 4 yarns I can use in the blanket I want to make for my next great nephew. I wanted to use the brown, at the top of the photo, and the cream to create two of the panels, and the navy, middle at bottom, and light blue to make the other panels. But alas, this scheme won’t work. So, I will consider another baby blanket or look for yarn while I am out in San Francisco.

I also got two more cables to use with the new needle tips I got from Webs. I love these needles! So smooth and so pretty. Just wish the needle tips had been in stock. But they are backordered, so I will wait. And just use the nasty bamboos while I wait.

Texture Shot
Size Shot

In One A Day news I have been making great progress on the Shadow Shawl. I could almost have it done before I leave this weekend. But I am not sure how much knitting time I will get as I prepare for our trip. I am stalled on the Loki II until I get more yarn on Wednesday, but then, I doubt I will have time to steek and start the button bands. Oh well, this trip is just messing us up all over! Scheduling conflicts, PSAT test to be taken in San Fran, and a camping trip the minute we get back. I am tired just thinking about it! Time to relax and take it one moment at a time.

Hope your week is going well and that you are finding time to do something you enjoy each day! Hope over to Gingerbread Girl’s blog to see who else is keeping up with their One A Day.


14 thoughts on “Claimed Yarn and One A Day

  1. That yarn does look lovely and soft. I avoid Webs at all costs. Their stuff is way too tempting.
    The shadow shawl is growing with each passing day. It’s really obvious now that it’s getting narrower.

  2. Your shawl looks lovely. I’ve started one myself that has broomstick lace in it. That is a new one for me so I’m growing! Trying new things! 🙂 Shhhh…I’ll tell you a secret, I bought more yarn yesterday! I need to stop buying and use more. I am working on the shawl and a hat and scarf for a friend and then I have three hats to make after that as well as my normal charity items. But, the yarn I bought yesterday was mostly for me and a new pattern I want to try out!

    Have a great day!

    1. Good for you. Growing in your craft skills is just too much fun! And great for you on yarn for yourself. I would say my yarn purchases this year have been split between yarn for me and yarn for others. I need to work on that!

  3. I’m trying so hard not to buy new yarn, I have more than enough in my stash, but then I see pictures of other people’s new yarn and get jealous 😉

    The shawl is coming along beautifully, love the texture shot

  4. In response to your question on my blog:

    Threads of Time has closed, but they have reopened as “Ball of Yarn” on Granada Blvd. in Ormond Beach. They are on the right side right before you get to the bridge.

  5. Your shawl looks not far off now, it must be nice to realise that each line gets shorter and therefore less time. It is lovely, can’t wait to see it done.

  6. Hey, if it’s on sale…why not? That doesn’t happen too often in places and you never know when you’ll need yarn for something!
    That shadow effect is so cool!

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