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FO Friday #15

By the time you read this I am either in a plane, an airport, or somewhere in San Francisco! We are traveling with Hubster while he attends a conference, both of the girls and I. Sorry, we couldn’t swing bringing the dogs, but they are being well taken care of by some young men of our acquaintance. The Brothers Smith are staying at the house so the dogs don’t have to be boarded while we are gone. A win win!

Alicia Cowl

Since I finished another item, I didn’t want to miss out on posting for FO Friday. This was finished last week and held back for another FO post. My daughter has played high school golf for 3 years now. Their season ended a few weeks ago and we had their banquet last week. I started this as a present for the coach, a lovely lady who we adore. She also is the Athletic secretary and does all the photography for the sports department. So often she is out in the cool weather. I thought this cowl would be perfect for her to keep warm. And, it’s in the school color’s, brown and gold. The yarn is from the talented hands of Leann at Forbidden Woolery. This is the color way Butterbeer, yes, HP fans, Butterbeer. This is the 2nd item I have used this color way for. I made a shawl in the fingering weight. This cowl is made with the sport weight, she dyed especially at my request!

The pattern is Pink October Cowl from Classic Elite. I renamed it Alicia for the coach’s name. And, since it wasn’t Pink, it seems a bit silly to call it Pink. Sorry for the less than stellar photo, I need a new camera! One that gets better details. But alas, this was taken at night with a flash, so what can you do.

Here is a shot of it blocking, sans flash, which shows the st pattern much better.

Blocking with truer color

She squealed in delight when she opened the present, and she didn’t even have a clue what it was yet! She adores my hand knits. And I enjoy making things for her.

So, hopefully I will have something finished when I return next week. We are here until the 13th, so who knows how much knitting will get done due to sight seeing and dinners out. We are feted two nights by companies that arrange spectacular venues. Just wish the girls could join us for the dinners, but they will have to stay at the hotel. Which makes me nervous, but we will get through it. They will not be allowed to leave the premises while we are gone. Too many crazies in San Fran. And, poor elder, she has to take her PSAT test out here. The only dates for them are both while we are gone, so her counselor arranged a school out here she can take it at. Such dedication!

Okay, head over to Tami’s to see what else is happening this week in the FO world.


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