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It’s growing on me

But I doubt I will ever be enamored of San Fran. Our best day today was spent in Pacifica and Daly City, south of SF. Dipped our toes in the ocean and ended up dipping a lot more. My shorts were soaked up to the thighs and Elder’s jeans were wet. So we ended up back at the shopping center we had just left to get shorts to change into. And, what is it with no short sleeve t-shirts in this area! I know it is October here, but it is 70 degree weather! Don’t these Cali people have blood in their veins?

The people who work in retail, restaurants, and hotels are awesome! The people on the street, riding bikes, and driving cars are rude! Thankfully we haven’t encountered any nude people, but the wife of a co-worker of Hubster’s got an eye full. We can just forego that pleasure.

So far we have crossed the Golden Gate-hated it, hiked Muir Woods-loved it, driven down Lombard Street-fun, spent the day at Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square and Fisherman’s Wharf-liked it, driven around in the rain to yarn shops-one a thumbs up, the other a so-so, and hit the Pacific Ocean-loved it!

Best food was at Les Joudin, beef kebobs in a lovely sauce. Worst food, shrimp tempura at Tokyo Express. Best breakfast, The Grove!!!! Loved that place.

Tomorrow is our last day here. Elder has to take a PSAT at a local high school during the morning and then we will lunch down at the Piers and take a cruise to Alcatraz. Unfortunately, Hubster won’t be able to make the trip. That’s one of the things he wanted to do most.

Time to get ready for dinner. Company is taking us out tonight, so fancy is the plan. Time to dress and get the hair done. Which has been a struggle out here. Not sure if it’s the water, or something they have changed about the shampoo, but my hair is horrible out here. So glad I do not live in Cali, and never-ever will I move out here. It’s fun to visit, but crazy to live in.

Home is calling, my pups are missed and I am anxious to return to my normal boring life!


3 thoughts on “It’s growing on me

  1. I agree completely. CA, particularly the weather, is very seductive, but when one sees how “over grown” even the burbs are, well, it loses the luster. I’ve been in SF, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Mountain View. Nice place to visit, PIA to live.

    Safe travels home.

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