FO Friday #16

I have been moving along with all the knitting projects. So much so that I had this and next week’s projects done and waiting for Tami’s party since the first week of October! Since I don’t usually have an FO each week, I thought I would string them out.

So, this week’s FO is a duplicate of sorts. It is the reverse of Liam’s Loki. This is Loki II for his cousin Ross. You can’t make one and not one for the other. Well, you can, but this time it just seemed right.

Loki II

Loki II is made with Wool-Ease in three colors. The brown and tan have been reversed from the Liam’s version. I was not enamored with the pattern, considering it showed a very boxy cardigan and I did not get the same look. I have a long, narrow one. Gauge is on, so what’s up with that? Oh well, they can be used as light coats when it gets really cold out. And if it’s like last winter, it will be cold out! I had to buy another skein of the brown to finish, so I just decided to pick up another Mushroom and I will make matching hats. Much later on those.

Loki Twins Fronit View
Loki Twins Back view

Here are the two posing together. I know the brown will be used for 3 year old photos coming up. Maybe the tan will find a photo shoot in there somewhere.

We are home from our trip to San Fran. So glad to be back home. We did enjoy the last few days there. Finally getting more used to the area and we could get around better. Loved going to Alcatraz, even if all that walking caused some major knee and foot issues! Thursday’s airport walking was painful! But we had a great family adventure that wasn’t going to come along without business intervention. Next year the event is in Washington, DC. Been there, done that, but I will probably go back with Hubster. The girls, they might not get the nod. LOL!

OK, head on over to Tami’s to see what else has been finished lately.


11 thoughts on “FO Friday #16

  1. Those sweaters are fabulous—as a non-fan of boxiness, I like the longer shape you ended up with (although it’s troublesome that even though your gauge was right, they didn’t come out as per the pattern…), and the colours and amazing colourwork are just beautiful.

  2. You did a beautiful job on these. My brother and cousin are just a few months in age and when they were kids, my grandmother always bought them Christmas gifts that were “just alike but different,” like your sweaters 🙂

  3. I love how you switched the colors around for each version. The long and narrow shape makes them look more traditional. I am sure that they will be getting a lot of use in the colder months.

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