What to do in my fair city.

This has been hard. It is hard to look at your familiar surroundings and figure out what makes them a must see for visitors. I can list the usual “tourist” things, but since they don’t usually interest me in other cities, I don’t want to rely solely on them. So, here goes:

Usual haunts:

Museum: Haven’t been in years, so can’t say what currently is the draw. The ground level always had a main street from the past exhibit that was of interest to me as a kid. They also have a railroad car from the past, but I can’t say I have ever been through it.

Children’s Museum: My kids have been there, but not I.

Reitz Home Museum: Lovely home open to the public. They do a Christmas decorate each year with area businesses taking a room and transforming it.

Mesker Park Zoo: A zoo. One they are making improvements to. Love the otters when they are out and playful.

Wesselman’s Park: A park. Spent tons of time there as a kid. My parents would play the Par 3 golf course as we kids played on the playgrounds. We also had picnics on holidays and hiked the woods. Small nature center to view.

A very unique museum is the LST Ship: Our city was the largest inland producer of LST’s during WWII. My Dad served on one during the Korean War. We were able to tour this ship with him when it first came to town.

Angel Mounds: Once inhabited by the Mississippian Indians. They have a fun event, Native American Days, which features tribes that entertain and demonstrate their heritage each Sept.

OK, what about out of the ordinary?

Frog Follies: Every August the city is taken over by hot rods, old timers, and cruisers. We love to watch for the cars as we drive by the Fair Grounds. Although we don’t like getting stuck in the traffic it causes trying to get to the grocery store we shop at. So I try to have that out of the way when this hits.

My fav, West Side Nut Club Fall Festival: One of the largest street festivals in the Midwest. Held every Oct, which we just had right before we left for San Fran. The food, all kinds and types.

Grey Lady Ghost Tours: An old home converted to a library. They even have a ghost cam.

Ritzy’s Fantasy of Lights: A seasonal display of Christmas themed figures made of lights and metal shapes. A drive through Garvin Park is the setting. You can ride in cars or on a hayride.

We also have university sports with two local teams, U of E and USI. We have farm team baseball. We have a minor league football team and ice hockey team. We host a travel soccer tournament each year on Mother’s Day Weekend.

We have an orchestra and a local theater for plays and musicals. Two country clubs and a public golf course community. Shopping centers, shopping mall, downtown main street shops. Casino Aztar, which is so not a draw for me.

And in our favor, we have a great amusement park just 1 hour’s drive away. Holiday World and Splashing Safari is awesome fun. And not far from there is Lincoln State Park, a park dedicated to Abraham Lincoln’s time spent in Southern Indiana. I spent many summers there with my siblings and cousins camping with my Aunt. She took all 7 of her nieces and nephews there each summer. What a great lady.

So, I hope I have given you a taste of what my city has to offer. One thing I know we have over San Fran. We have lots of parking! And they don’t charge you to park in the hotel parking lots!! LOL.

OK, local peeps, did I miss anything?


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