FO Friday #17

Another held back FO from the first week of October. One that I couldn’t wait to finish so I could take it on the trip to San Francisco we took Oct 7th-13th.

Shadow Shawl

So glad I got this done in time to take with me. I used it a few times to take the chill off while walking around town at night. It even made the trip with us to Muir Woods so I could do a photo shoot. I wish I had taken more photos of it, but at least I got a few.

Younger modeling Shadow Shawl

 I wish the subtle striping would show better. Not sure if you can tell on this shot.

Bench shot

 This shows a little bit of the striping on the lower part of the shawl.

Best shot of texture

The money shot!

I love this shawl! It is the right size, 71″x 3o”. I love the colors, except for that bright blue-purple in the foregroud of the above photo. But I just tuck that under the body of the shawl. I love it’s drape. And I definitely love it’s softness! Ultra Alpaca Fine and Mini Mochi, scrumptious! There will be more Ultra Alpaca from Berroco in my future! I have now used the DK and the Fingering and loved them both. And the colors are gorgeous. Good thing my not-so-local fav knit shop stocks it in all weights.

The yarn I was using didn’t last to the size of the original pattern so I had to cut it short and start decreasing sooner. It isn’t that big of a deal since the size ended up close to the pattern. I also didn’t follow the pattern 100%, but that was due to user error and a very confusing pattern. But I don’t think it matters and you wouldn’t be able to tell what is different about it anyway. I can see this being the go to wrap for winter. Light, but warm, and so colorful it will go with many pieces in my closet. The base yarn is plum, a nice rich tone.

So, now that you have seen my FO, head over to Tami’s to see what else is going on in blog-land.


11 thoughts on “FO Friday #17

  1. so pretty!!! 🙂 thanks for leaving that super funny comment! i agree it’s better to stuff the face than to have to stuff your projects. 😀 thanks for stopping by.

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