Beautiful Weather….

….we will be having this weekend, so I think I will drive about an hour east of our fair city and enjoy the changing leaves. I will also be dropping off the Loki sweaters to the darling cousins I made them for. My MIL will be going along with me, so should be fun.

Friday was a great day. I had lunch with a cousin at a new to me restaurant in a small town north of us. Hand-breaded Tenderloin sandwiches that were huge! And so lightly fried, they didn’t sit heavy on your stomach. And for desert a pumpkin roll made fresh that day! Yummy. Then dinner was a date with Hubster to our favorite date restaurant. Cork N Cleaver has hosted us many time over the last 14 years. They have the best Broccoli soup!! So rich and so thick. Last night I had their Ribeye Special. Goodness. That thing was huge! We always get Mushroom and Cheese Caps when there, and they didn’t disappoint!

The rest of the day was spent finishing up another shawl. I am getting back on track with my 12 in 11 goal. I just might make it.

Holden Shawl

As you can see from the yarn above the shawl, I was close! Well, actually, I had to rip back a row to be able to just bind off without the picot. I had three yarns on hand in case I needed to use them for a bind off. But when I tried the one that was closet in color, it was too thick, since it was DK, not fingering. Then I skipped the second one, because it was DK too. The third one was fingering, but the color was too far off. So, I ripped back and left off the picot edge.

Possible Subs

 No go with these.

After binding off the last stitch I picked up the Snuggly to get the color work done and make the 2nd braid. Now I need to put the live stitches on another needle so that I can work the red facing. That will be more fun, just rounds of one color with no chart watching! But it will also be boring, 66 rows of knitting. Maybe I can convince my MIL to drive while I ride and knit?

Hank's Snuggly Christmas Stocking

Hope your weekend is full of Fall, fun, and fiber!!! Enjoy it no matter what. I plan to hop out of the car and do some leaf collecting so that I can truly match some yarn colors to the beauty of Fall.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Weather….

  1. Mmm, broccoli soup. I just made some of that a couple weeks ago and looooved it.

    I also love that shawl (mmm, blues. almost as tasty as hot soup…) and that stocking is just amazing! Awesome chart and beautiful knitting on your part.

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