Versatile Blogger Award? Me?

Why, thank you Karen! I never expected it. So, in order to accept this award I must:

  • Thank the blogger who presented it to me and link to their blog
  • Share 7 things about me
  • Pass this award on to some newly discovered blogs

OK, #1 taken care of up there. #2. Hmm, that’s a hard one, but here goes:

1 No one believes I am as old as I am. I will turn 51 in Jan, it’s coming much too soon! I have never looked, or acted for that matter, my age. And I don’t plan to start acting my age anytime soon, so 😛 to growing old!!
2 I am obsessed with knitting. OK, I guess I didn’t really need to state that here. I love all kinds, but colorwork the mostest!!! But, I hate the purl side of St st. I change purls to knits on the right side anytime I can. Don’t mind knitting Garter St, but hate the look. I will put up with Seed St, but purls just make me say Blech!
3 I am slightly OCD in certain areas. Lines must be straight. I never allow auto-fill to complete my search, I type the entire phrase, word, or sentence in the search window. I must cross off items on my to do list, or days on my pocket calendar. Even if it’s a list that is done and being thrown away, I still move down it to cross off things I have done. I can’t stand when the family reads the newspaper and it is all messed up. I will straighten and align the pages before I read it. Thankfully I do not check and recheck things like stoves, doors, etc.
4 I once wore a character costume at the mall where I worked. It was a Christmas promotion and I was called Square Bear. I was crushed each time a child ran away from me in terror! I was 27 at the time! Refer to #1.
5 We live in a golf community. My Dad plays par golf at 80 years old. My Husband plays close to par golf. My older brother was on a golf team in high school. My younger brother plays golf. My daughter plays golf for her high school. I suck at golf. But, I am good at mini golf. Go figure?
6 Fall is my favorite season. I love it’s colors, it’s coolness, it’s everything. I love sweaters, I love boots, I love jeans. Our Fall is tricky. One day you are wearing shorts, the next your need gloves. We joke you truly can get all four seasons in one day here. And that’s true just about every day but through summer!
7 I have been blogging since 2003. I love the blog scene. The chance to read other blogs to see what they are knitting is fun. I only read one blog that isn’t about knitting. It’s Plain Chicken, a recipe blog.

Now, third thing, pass this award on to newly discovered blogs. Wow, even harder. There are so many that are new to me. And, what if they have already been given the award.

1 It Might Be A Metaphor. Love this blog!
2 Gnome Knits Lovely blog.
3 Minding My Own Stitches Great read.
4 Autumn Geisha Another wonderful blog.
5 A Surprise Every Time Cute, whimsical creatures!!
6 The Knitting Squid Check out her Umaro blanket!!
7 Knit…Purl…Wait, What? Love the baby hat she just made.

I don’t even know if any of these lovely blogs attend my daily ramblings, but I hope they notice that I have chosen their blogs as something to share with other bloggers.

In knitting I have finished the latest shawl, a real quick knit for the amount of time I spent on it, reveal on Friday. The next shawl will be Vernal Equinox in Misti Alpaca Lace.

Hank’s Christmas Stocking is coming right along. Size 8US needles make things fly! Worked on the cuff facing over the weekend.

OK, that’s all I got for this Sunday. Hope the rest of your weekend is good. Weather here has been beautiful!


3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award? Me?

  1. Ah…is the “A Surprise Every Time” link supposed to connect to a YouTube video of Lady GaGa ? Or is that the surprise?

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