Been fighting with my sinuses for the last week. Can’t lay flat, can’t sleep sitting up. All the meds do is give me relief for a few hours and then it all starts up again. My throat has been sore for the last two weeks! It gets better, it gets worse. I am done with this. Lack of sleep is making me lethargic and isn’t aiding my knitting plans. And I am doing more ripping than knitting right now. Half a Christmas stocking ripped back. One front and back from a baby sweater completely ripped back. No new shawl cast on yet, and I am not sure I even really know which one I want to do next. I thought the Vernal Equinox, non Wendy J pattern, was the one. But obviously I haven’t cast it on yet. Haven’t even retrieved the yarn and needles for it.

Maybe when I retrieve my new yarn from my knitting bud I will feel different. She was on the east coast recently and kindly picked up some Valley DK from Webs and some Forbidden Woolery at Stitches East. I have no clue which FW skein she picked up. It will be either red or plum, but I haven’t a clue. Yep, Oct purchases are nearing 3000 yds already! I really must do better about not buying yarn the rest of the year!

Tomorrow the boys get their first home grooming visit. A local business drives their “shop” to your door and handles the grooming for you. They don’t need cuts, but she will do all the rest. Great price too! So now I don’t have to wrestle two dogs at the groomers, which was on a very busy road. Always nervous about them running off. And they won’t be caged while waiting for their cut or for me to pick them up. Will try to round up the effort to take before and after photos.

OK, enough useless rambling. Back to knitting to meet a few deadlines. That’s probably what it is. I hate deadline knitting, so I am avoiding it all together!


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