Said a la Hermione Granger in “Prisoner of Azkaban”.

When I was knitting the baby snuggly, I ordered some more bulky to use with the leftover Be Soft to make a 2nd snuggly. But then I decided that the colors just didn’t work. So I thought to use the Gedifra Videra for something else. A cowl came to mind. And since I have a niece who is in law school in Indy, it seemed a perfect match. Something to keep her neck warm as she walks to and from car/classes. Finding a pattern that worked was harder than I imagined. So I ended up just doing a 2 row repeat of: Row 1 *K1, P1* Row 2: Knit. Worked in the round this was fast and easy. I cast on 70(?) sts and was done in an afternoon.

Now to deliver it next weekend when we head to Indy to watch my sister dance. She has been taking classes and they have an exhibition in Ballroom Dancing. She loves to watch all the Ballroom Dancing shows on PBS and that dance comp on network TV. We used to love to watch Ginger and Fred and Gene and Frank in all their musicals. Oh to be that talented.

So, here is Brooke’s Cowl in all it’s pinkiness.

Brooke's Cowl

 Hopefully it will be cozy and soft against her neck.

So, did you get tricks or treats last night? We had treats. Such cute little monsters and princesses. And they delighted in our Werewolf Dogs. Food coloring added to the shirts and beards to imitate blood. Which made for messes on my floor when they kept drinking water and then dripping pink drips!


iNDy on left, Cooper on right.

Before ripping up their shirts we joked that iNDy looked like a convict and Cooper looked like a Frenchman! If only we had a red beret for Cooper and a ball and chain for iNDy. I may go buy two more of the shirts to use for next year. Only $6.00 at Target. Last year iNDy was a Scarecrow. They put him in a flannel shirt, his natural color and hair reflects a straw look.

OK, one more FO to share tomorrow, and possibly another on Friday. Small things go so quick! 11th shawl of 2011 is being cast on today. Vernal Equinox with Misti Alpaca Lace on size US2’s. This is the look I am going for. I don’t want it huge, just a shoulder size. Now, to wrangle slippery lace on my slick needles. Wish I had a wood needle in that size!


2 thoughts on “Coooooowwwlllll!!!

  1. lucky niece!!! I know she’ll love the cowl!

    Hope the dogs did well with the trick or treaters (and door bell)–they sure looked cute. (Freddy went this year as a cocker spaniel–same look he has the other 364 days. I must get more creative!!!!)

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