Friday FO #26

Hank's Christmas Stocking

I know I said I wasn’t doing these anymore, but this one actually works out. I hadn’t gotten a chance to post about the baby gift I designed for my niece’s little one. This will be a shower gift coming up soon. I know the foot is a little club like in appearance, hoping a good blocking will help that out. The chart is from a Drops garment. I inserted Latvian Braids at the top and bottom of the chart. Love the look of these! His Daddy is a hunter, so I thought this Moose was appropriate. The yarn is Encore from Plymouth purchased online from Knit Witts. Love their service! Dee Ann will contrast and compare the colors I am looking for and let me know what works. It’s hard to choose things online sometimes.

I do have to make a loop for hanging on this. I will likely just do a length of I-cord and call it done. The weight alone on this thing will mean they need a reinforced nail to hang it from! I lined the entire leg with green and red to avoid catching fingers and edges on the inside of the leg. There are a lot of long floats on this baby! Especially around the moose.

OK, off to finish work on the blanket for Hank and a sweater for Sophia. And then I just have a baby snuggly, a baby sweater, and 2 baby hats to make. All before the end of the year. Plus, a few cowls and 2 shawls for me. Not sure I can fit it in before Dec 31st, but I will try!

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14 thoughts on “Friday FO #26

  1. I’m a total moose junkie, so I think your stocking is pretty perfect. I like its stumpiness, too. It makes it extra cute, so in the event that blocking doesn’t do exactly what you want, just call it a feature. 🙂 Happy Christmas knitting!

  2. What a darling stocking, I’d love to knit one myself!

    Thanks for posting on my blog and for your enthusiasm for my Sothia pattern as well. Per your question, I can easily send a PDF pattern to an email address rather than Ravelry if you prefer, via the email address attached to this post. Happy knitting to you!! 🙂

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