Running out of yarn, but sometimes, God is in control.

Not in control of my not running out of yarn, but pointing me towards a choice. And that he was.

Recently I finished a shawl. Holden is made up in one of my fav yarns, Pagewood Farms Yukon. A super soft yarn in luscious colorways. I purchased two skeins of their yarn at Stitches South when I saw it for the first time. And it was hard to just choose two. A lovely teal and a soft autumn colorway. And they marinated in my stash until this year. I used the autumn one for a Mystery KAL that turned out to be a bust for me, but a boon for a knitting friend who loved the outcome. I gave it to her. The teal yarn was put into action for our trip to San Fran. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Holden shawl pattern. But, once done, I realized I didn’t have anything that really showed off the color to the best advantage. It would have to be worn with white, cream, or black. And none of the colors really spoke to me when compared with the shawl.

And then, last Sunday I learned that a church member was starting chemo. She is such a sweet lady, very elegant and kind. So, this week, a kernel crept into my mind. Melinda needed this shawl. God was speaking. I was denying. My thoughts were, I didn’t make it with her in mind, no prayers were knit into it, so it wasn’t right to give it to her. Was it really meant for her? I dithered and waffled and wavered. And then this morning my deal with God was, if it’s to be hers, show me a sign. I decided to take the shawl, wrapped in a gift bag to church. If she was there, it was meant to be hers.

So, get to church, walk into the sanctuary. Look to the spot she and her husband sit. No Melinda. Then I walked up the side aisle on the way to our usual pew and…….there she was walking towards me. She was coming to see the shawl I had wrapped around me, Citron. As I walked up to her I noticed her blouse peaking out of the neckline of her sweater. She was wearing a teal blouse!!!! The. Exact. Color. Of. The. Shawl!!! Her favorite color. Okay, God. I got it. He really wanted her to have the shawl. I told her it was for her to wrap around her shoulders when she needed comfort. She said when she wears it she will think of me, my knitting, my daughters, and my dogs!

We were both in tears when we were done.

Running out of yarn: Ran short of yarn on the Bolero, which was OK because I had an extra skein, but really, this is all I had left to do. Picot the last edge of the front.

Sirdar Bolero for Sophia

So, here is the finished item, cough-cough. Finished as in, not washed and the button really isn’t sewn on. LOL!

Sirdar Bolero

Will go for a better photo once the button is sewn on. And the collar is less ruffled from washing. Hopefully I can gift this to the little darling when they come home for Thanksgiving. Not too far away now. The extra yarn will become a matching hat if I have time, but first….

Hank's Blanket

Hank’s blanket needs to be finished. They shower is Nov 13th, so I hope to have it done by then. I have 1.5 sections left and then 8-10 rounds of garter. The issue there is, will I have enough yarn to go around the outside? I must be using up yarn quicker than the original design, cause I don’t see me having enough. I am planning a dry run of the edging with the two sides I have done. Maybe that will tell me if the leftover brown and navy will be enough. Otherwise, I need to order more yarn and I need to do it quickly.

So, on tap today, knit, knit, knit, cook, cook, cook. I am taking food to a friend who just had foot surgery. Ouch! She is knitting, so that’s good. But she said she is doing another Citron and adding sections, so she is currently knitting 4 million sts. I don’t know what the Dr is giving her for pain, but I think it’s distorted her vision or something!!


3 thoughts on “Running out of yarn, but sometimes, God is in control.

  1. What a wonderful and uplifing story. I’ll have to share mine someday and how I came to be making hats, shawls and scarves for the cancer center. Thank you for sharing. By being obedient, you touched someone’s life and that is awesome.

  2. Loved this story- thanks so much sharing it! Sometimes God does have to hit us over the head to get His point across but clearly you made it for her and just hadn’t figured it out yet! What a blessing for both of you!

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