Waiting for Baby FO #29 and #30

The blanket is done. The hat for his newborn head is done. His stocking is done. Now we are just waiting for baby shower and then in Jan, baby’s arrival. It’s a good thing the shower is this Sunday. I seriously will have a hard time handing off this blanket!! It is serious soft!

Valley Yarns DK Superwash is now my official favorite baby knitting yarn. It surpasses Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino hands down. And I have loved that stuff for ages. The halo on this VYDS is luscious. So soft and furry. I love it! Maybe not enough to make a full size blanket for me, but definitely for baby blankets. IF I ever make another. After 3 baby blankets in one year, 1 crochet-2 knit, I am not sure I will willingly do another any time soon. Actually, this one went quick. I started it last Tuesday. So, 9 days. Not bad. Of course, it’s about the only thing I knit on once the baby sweater was done.

Hank's Baby Blanket

To torture myself, I ripped out the cast on edge, which was one of the solid brown stripes along the diagonal, and used the yarn to sew the last wedge to the first. What was I thinking!!! But it is perfect, so I guess it was the thing to do.

I think the bold lines will attract baby’s attention while those eyes are adjusting to life. This took 1022 yards of DK weight yarn. I love how the original pattern uses mostly solids in 8 colors to knit it up.

And just because I can’t stand leftovers, I made a newborn hat for Hank. I had to use some red leftover form Sophia’s sweater, at above the link, because I was so low on the other 3 colors. But in the end I had leftovers again! Oh well, they will go in the jar.

Now, check out Tami’s to see what other WIPs have found their way to completion this week.


14 thoughts on “Waiting for Baby FO #29 and #30

  1. I have a real weakness for stripes, so this looks absolutely stunning to me. The colours are fab, and I love how bold it is without being overwhelming. I’m sure it’ll be greatly loved 🙂

  2. I was going to say the same thing about the contrast attracting the little one’s eyes! I’ve never used that yarn yet but if you say it’s soft, it could be addicting for me 😛

  3. I’ve admired that star sweater pattern before. Yours is coming out very cute! When we had cable I was addicted to that hoarder show for a little while. I would watch it and then go clean out a closet!

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