Connor Knitting

Since I got all of Hank’s items done before the shower, I had time to start on some Connor items. Hoping that I would get them done before he heads back to North Carolina on Thursday. I got his sweater done in a few days time, now I am working on a hat. I am halfway to the crown, and tomorrow is knitting, so by the end of the day I should have a finished hat that Elder can take with her when she goes to see him tomorrow night. We have a freshman orientation at Younger’s next school to attend.

Here is his sweater, which is actually done, I just forgot to get a photo of it before handing it off. Hopefully she will tag me in a photo so I can upload it later.

Connor's Star

This is made using some leftover Debbie Bliss Merino Aran from my first few years of knitting. I made a sweater and hat from the same colors for a family member’s new son. It was a just a striped affair in garter. I wasn’t sure I would have enough to make it through the color changes, but I did! I ended up throwing away the small amounts of red and blue, which was hard! My heart kept saying, “those could be useful some day”. My mind knew they were done. I need to do that more often with remaining pieces. Unless I have an idea of what it could be used for, pitch it. Why hoard them. Maybe it’s from watching two episodes of “Hoarders” last night?

Tonight our out of town visitors were able to see Younger cheer at a basketball game. It was a big family affair, two grandmas, 1 aunt, 2 cousins, and mom, dad, and sis. Of course, barely any of us were watching the first time she did a back handspring! We kept begging her to do it again, but she couldn’t. Until late in the game when the opportunity came up. We made sure to all watch her the second time.

Connor's Hat

I tried to start Connor’s hat while at the game, but it was too hot and too much going on. So it had to wait until I got home tonight. I am duplicating the cable that is on the front of the vest I made him this summer. They are Eagles fans, so I was hoping this would suffice for his football wearing hat. But I found Valley Yarns Superwash DK from WEBs has all the colors for the Eagles, black, gray, and teal. I will see about making another hat, one with ear flaps maybe, for his Eagles hat. I also ordered brown and cream, since I had none left over from Hank’s blanket to make a football like hat. With ear flaps also. My niece showed me a photo of a crocheted version, but since I detest crochet, I will have to find/design a knit style. I am thinking to use purls to create the sections like a football. We will see.

Now, head over to Tami’s to see what others are working on. I know I said I wouldn’t take part in this, but if I have a progress post on the right day, I will try to participate. Otherwise, I hate the stress of having to create a post and get it done in time.


4 thoughts on “Connor Knitting

  1. The sweater looks great. Love the star! I am a self-confessed hoarder. I can’t seem to part with even the smallest ball of leftover yarn. Need to take your good advice and just chuck them away.

  2. I do really love that vest Chris, so I know the hat will be perfect. I am just terrible with parting with even the smallest leftovers of yarn. Bad habit, I know.

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