Manic Monday

While driving to see “Real Steel” the other night, we heard the Bangles song Manic Monday on the radio. The first thing that popped out of Younger’s mouth was, “They must have been the Rebecca Black of their day”. For those with no middle school aged children at home, Rebecca Black is a self promoted Youtube personality that sang a song about starting her day, Friday in this case. The song is not worthy of linkage. I don’t think Younger was comparing the quality of singing, it was the subject matter. It was the listing of the activities of the singer that reminded her of Rebecca Black’s Friday. Poor Bangles, to be compared to RB!

Yesterday during the last NASCAR race I tried to work on the last foot of the clogs. Exciting race + intense knit pattern = disaster. Many rippings and then renewed focus got me through. But all the delays meant the clog didn’t get finished until today. Finally cast off the last stitch with barely any gray yarn left to spare. I actually had to do the last outer sole with some gray and denim before switching to all gray.

Principal Clogs

These things look huge pre-felting next to my size 8.5 clogs. Men’s 10.5 feet size demand more yarn and more knitting! This makes pair #27 since I started making these ages ago. My first pair went to an unknown sailor for the Ships charity. Maybe I should make another pair for that worthy cause. I often think I will raid my Cascade 220 remainders and just make a silly pair with a bunch of color. Hmmm, wonder what those would look like.

Honey Cowl from Asst Principal

Now I am on to knitting the Asst Principal’s Honey Cowl with Claudia Handpaint from stash. it calls for Tosh DK and I am using CH Sport. Will likely swatch to see what I get from the gauge change. It will be perfect for cheerleading watching at today’s game. And tomorrow’s game, and Thanksgiving Day….

I have little prep for this year’s dinner. We will be with my family at my Aunt’s house. Nice to only have to walk 2 blocks to the party this year!! Then next year, back home with his family.


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