WIP Wednesday

Are you ready for more Football??? WIPs Wednesday #21 & FO #35


Here’s what happens when you take Thorpe, rework the numbers and gauge a little bit, make it in the image of a football, and voila! Hank’s Helmet!

The shot on the left is more true to color. I got my latest WEBs order Monday, so I cast on with the Valley yarns Superwash DK held double. And promptly ran into 2 knots within the first 30 yds of yarn! Removed those and forged ahead. Many moments later I was still trying to knit this hat. It is begun at the crown and knit down. I kept messing up on the increase rounds. Finally I got on track and in no time, well, OK, by 1:30 am, I had the hat knit. The cream trim around the bottom had to wait until Tuesday mid morning. By then I was able to function again. My head was so full of stuff when I laid down I didn’t fall asleep until after 3:00 am.

Now to wash the hat and Hank’s Snuggly and wait for Christmas. He won’t be here until January, but he still deserves a Christmas present! Now to get my other niece on the ball to pick out a hat style for Connor so he can have his football watching hat. I showed her some styles from the Eagles sportswear sites. Some are cuffed, some are ear flaps. I am thinking she will go for the ear flap styles.

While I wait for her note I cast on Cladonia from Through The Loops. It must be a TTL kind of day! I am using the Koigu I got in San Fran to make this. I have been trying to do the Vernal Equinox Shawl, but my hands were not craving lace weight, nor was I wanting an intense knit. This is being worked on while at basketball games to watch Younger cheer. I need simple!

My knitting bag

There’s my Nook which stores my pattern PDFs, my needle sizer, my WEBs interchangeable needle tips and a few cables, my yarn, a retractable measuring tape, and a card of coupons for our favorite pizza joint! I am surprised the color is showing bright orange, cause it’s not quite that fluorescent!

Now, go check out Tami’s for other WIPs!

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope your turkey is moist, your mashed potatoes are creamy, and your pies crusts are flaky!


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