Our first snow

Big, white, fluffy, flakes came down this morning. Now it is turning to nothing, but it was pretty while it lasted. The dogs enjoyed playing outside in it. I stayed warm inside!


The Thanksgiving Holiday was nice. Busy on Thursday and then peacefully quiet the rest of the weekend. The girls stayed with my Mom and Dad while my sister was in town visiting. We were childless for two days! I got a bit of knitting done, Hubster cleaned up the garage.

The core knitting right now is Cladonia. In fact, nothing else is getting knit on. I have become slightly monogamous in my knitting lately. I am going until I run out of the variegated yarn, which is about 12 rows past the stopping point. I will adjust the numbers to fit in the lace repeat. It might give me an etra inch or two depth-wise. Hopefully 3-4 inches added to the width. The semi solid peeking under the shawl is for the lace edging.

I long for something squishy and soft. Koigu is lovely, but the hands are craving merino superwash or Alpaca! I may pull out the unfinished Keefely mittens just so I can work with Alpaca. I do need to finish them before the end of 2011. I started them Christmas last year! Maybe they will be my Christmas knitting.

I would also like to have them done by next February. One of the libraries in town will be showcasing knitting from my knitting group. I am the only one in the group who does colorwork, so to show the diversity of our skills I need to step up. Hopefully the ladies will be on board when I tell them tomorrow at knitting! Which I will be late to as I have to pick up my Mom from her bible study before heading out. She is not able to drive due to breaking her foot! Stepping up on something that wasn’t stable. When will we learn to take care when climbing, no matter a ladder, stool, chair or stairs. 3-4 months in a boot.

OK, if you do Tami’s WIP Wednesday, I will likely link this page tomorrow. So, just click around me. Too bored to make another post tomorrow, with likely little to no progress beyond what you see here.


6 thoughts on “Our first snow

  1. Love the colour you’re using, and the semisolid works perfectly with it – can’t wait to see how it progresses 🙂

    I became slightly more monogamous with my knitting recently, then realised that Christmas is pretty soon and maybe I should get on with gift knitting instead!

  2. The color of Koigu that you are using is lovely. The dogs look so joyful in the pretty snow. My knitting has been pretty scattered lately but hopefully will get more settled after all of the Christmas knitting is done.

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