I have lost some of the recent finishing mojo. I was on a roll there through the month of November. But Thanksgiving hit and I just lost some of the steam. Oh well, it’s not a race. I do have 3 things already in progress that I want to finish; a baby hat, a shawl, and some mittens. Then there are 2 things I need to get done by mid Dec, not even started! Well, one can wait until Dec 25th. The other must be done by the 16th. Those are both cowls, so as soon as I chance upon a pattern I will get the one going. Yes, I haven’t even got a pattern for either one!

I didn’t show the simple cowl I made for my cousin’s daughter. Just cast on a number and knit in the round until it was deep enough. I shouldn’t have used cream, but it was what I had on hand. It matches my new cream coat very well! Oh wait, it’s not mine.

And that was the last thing I finished. The Cladonia Shawl has been going well. I am 8 rows from being done, except for figuring out what kind of edging I will do. I don’t want the looped edging the patten has. I likely will just do a picot. It will look close to the original with half the cast on/bind off action. I am not thrilled with the purple edging on the orange/purple shawl. But I ain’t ripping it out now! I will learn to like it, I am sure.

Started a baby hat today while watching Harry Potter all day. Just on the crown decreases now. Not real sure it will be large enough for baby, but it will get sent on anyway. I will likely just make a larger one to send on later. It’s a knock off from an Eagles hat.

And final photo, my daughter and her date for the Christmas Dance at her school. They were such a lovely couple. Too bad he lives 4 hours away! They have known each other since they were little. Both of our families have a vacation home in the same condo in Florida. We try to hit our vacations at the same time. How I hope they continue their closeness for a long time. They are so funny together!

I hope all your Christmas plans are forging ahead. May all your gift list wishes come true!


2 thoughts on “Stalling

  1. Everything looks great! Should you find that missing finishing mojo see if mine is in the same area. I’ve got 3 sweaters waiting for seaming.
    Your daughter and her date look wonderful. It’s so nice she has a real friend to go with.

  2. Oooh I love the Honey Cowl. I gave the one I made away but maybe 2012 will be the year I make one for myself!

    Drop me an email at nguilcher[at]hotmail[dot]com with your address and I’ll get your lovely yarn in the post!

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